Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday night following a busy weekend

Wow, what a weekend! Let me give you a quick rundown...

Friday: Got home from a work trip. Took it easy, I put Boydee to sleep early, and fell asleep early myself.

Saturday: Judy came over early and me and Adro took off for the casino. My treat at the casino for Adro as a make-good* for last weekend. I lost $40 on video poker, then retreated to the upstairs bar, where I watched KSU/OSU. Drank a few Guinness. Luckily, Adro made a comeback and we got some money back that day.

Upon returning home, we made homemade pizza, and it was damn good.

The Jayhawks were awful, getting thumped by Baylor. Oh well, we still had a NINTH CONSECUTIVE BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP. Yawn.

Sunday: Went to church with the fam. Following church, went to Bigg's for breakfast. It was pretty damn good, especially Evey's pancakes. (and I'm not a pancake fan, typically.)

Returned home on a rainy day. Boyd was sleepy. Adro got him to his crib while he was still sleeping. The rest of the Jones family convened in the living room.

I was somewhat shot from the previous evening, so I unfolded on the couch. Grabbed the Kindle Fire and played Pandora, Elliott Smith radio, while I read the new Rolling Stone. Adro joined me on the couch, using me as a pillow. Evey saw this, and wanted to join too. Soon, me and Adro are conked out while Evey is flipping from Tinker Bell to Scooby Doo to whatever other crappy cartoon she recorded spur-of-the-moment. It's an awesome rest for the adults.

Bubba wakes up after a 90-minute nap. I announce to all it's time to go to KC Fan-Con, some freebie comic convention in KC. Everyone loads up. Evey is mildly excited, as she hopes there might be DVDs available.

We arrive at KC FanCon and it's about the size of my garage. Yet I score a Ghost Rider # 7 (silver age) in fine condition for $2. Evey finds He-Man season one for $5, and two Walt Disney comics for 50 cents each. She's excited to spend her own money, even though I voluntarily buy her the He-Man, then the booth owner volunteers to cover Evey's $1 comic purchase because she's a sweetie... after we leave FanCon I ask Evey if she wants to do something else fun... and of course she's interested. I ask her and Momma if they'd like to go to Olathe Studio 30 for "The Great and Powerful Oz" matinee. Evey absolutely flips out, as she's been dying to see it. We drive 5 miles south on I-35 and are there at the perfect time for the 3 p.m. show.

Mozarella sticks are purchased. Boyd, Adro and Evey share them through the previews. Worried about Boydee... will he hate sitting in the theater? He does well for a while, fusses for a few minutes, then blacks out (a lot like how I handled the first few seasons of Bill Self.)

QUICK REVIEW: I thought Oz was pretty good. There were moments I felt sorry for James Franco, like he got caught in the wrong movie on the way to the mall... but the last 30 minutes of the film hit hard, and clicked perfectly for this viewer. I enjoyed it. I think Evey enjoyed it as much as she could, though she was upset about the fate of one of the characters (and I get her not understanding it.) Adro enjoyed it too. We all walked out relatively satisfied.

Following the movie, we stopped at a nasty Wendy's and had dinner. Bubba was happy. Evey, a little tired. We all discussed the movie (except for Bubba, who watched the back of his eyelids.)

Finally... HOME. Daylight savings is in place, so everyone in bed quick. I utilize this evening to add new CDs to the jukebox. Tomorrow, this house is going to be rocking during business hours. And, yes, I added the new Atoms for Peace CD. But I bet you wouldn't have guessed I added an old Jimmie's Chicken Shack CD, would you?

I should go into great detail on the silver/bronze age books I scored at the comic convention, but I won't... tonight.

But it was a good weekend.

Oh, and btw... I just blew the keg. Just in time for March Madness.

Life is good, my friends.


This photo of me and my son taken tonight. So you know exactly what we look like, or at least how we did, 24 hours ago.

Boyd is starting to attempt phrases, doing things like shouting, "MOM! I-lub-chu!" He's also experimenting with his own soccer game. He's a cool kid.

As you can clearly tell from the photo.

*Yup, I was an asshole.

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