Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy (belated) birthday Lerv!

Here's a great pic of Lervik and his girlfriend Brianne, taken around the holidays. Lerv asked me to shoot him one of these pics a while ago and I never did. Sorry man, you know how responsive I am to email these days...

Check out how Boydee is waving at the camera for this pic. Nice job, Bubba!

Tough day for the Jones family at school/work/work. Only Boydee seemed to get through the day unscathed. Typical work stress for me and Adro. Evey, however, told me she cried a little at school today. She started telling me about it when I picked her up, and I didn't totally get it, but told her we'd work toward making it a better day from that point forward. When Adro got home, Evey took her mom to Boydee's room so they could discuss it more. I'm glad Evey knows that she can lean on her mom for things that her dad is too dense to understand. They talked for a while, and I'm sure Evey felt better about it all afterwards.

I can't believe it's March...

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