Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Boyd and Jett; Xylon-12

I wonder if Jett will be Boyd's Keath Whitaker, or Tom Birch?

If not Jett, then whom?

When I was a little guy, I had three heroes: Spider-Man, Keath and Tom. Why? Spider-Man is self-explanatory, but the guys? Mostly because they were older than me and I was impressionable, but also because they were awesome.

Keath owned a compound bow. Tom had access to a garage with power tools. They were both friends of the family.

I'm still in touch with Keath, somewhat, and his dad (Larry), more so. Larry I call every once in a while and we talk basketball. Him and my dad were pretty close. And Larry knows his college basketball.

True story: I once saw Keath shoot a fish in a stream with his compound bow (the arrow was on a stringer) and the arrow went through the fish's gill and out its mouth. 

Keep it clean!


I stayed up late to write my column for the new issue of Golfdom tonight. That's always a rush, even when I don't have a topic. 

It's not work when you're doing something you love.


Evey is convinced Boyd is an alien. Why? Because he's weird. 

Well, now she's also wondering if her Dad is an alien too. Because we're both weird.

Evey pressed me on this at dinner the other day and I finally broke: Boyd and I are aliens from the planet Xylon-12. "I knew it!" she yelled.

The next day, me, Adro, Judy, Evey and Boyd were out to dinner at El Potro. Judy beat us there. Evey and Adrianne chose to sit with Judy in the booth, leaving me and Boyd alone on the other side.

At one point Boyd quietly tooted during dinner. (I don't think anyone heard it.) I scolded him and told him that was bad manners. 

Boyd looked at me and said, "But Dad! We're from Xylon-12!"

Boyd grew up a little over spring break

No, Boyd did not get a spring break. He's in his last few weeks of Montessori School.

But he did seem to stretch out, or grow a little, or something recently. He's been eating better lately too.

Now if I could just get him to go to bed on time...

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jones Kids, Johnson kids, Jones dog, Johnson dog!

Kudos to Jessica for getting this photo! I wouldn't have guessed the dogs (Koko and Lucky) would have sat still enough for it, but they did!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sunday night dinner, UFO happy meals and Aunt Phyllis, RIP

Judy made a roast for us on Saturday. Perfect timing, as Rick and I came home hungry from the Big 12 Championship!

Adrianne got the whole thing served and we devoured it. Roast, potatoes, celery, carrots and onion. I love the onion in the roast! So good!

Rick was like, "This is like what my mom used to make!" and we told him Judy made it, so it was likely the same recipe (or at least something inspired by Virginia.) So he wasn't far off. Pretty cool.

I ate the small bowl of leftovers as a lunch the next day. Ate the whole thing.


I'm listening to a band called "Highly Suspect," The Boy Who Died Wolf. I've heard them before on Sirius (on the Octane channel) and I just now heard them on 96.5 FM. "My Name is Human" is a solid song, I'll have to check them out....


I went out with some colleagues tonight. We're clearly getting old, as I got home at midnight.

I could have another cerveza, but... Evey made chocolate chip cookies! OH WOW!!!! Evey, can I eat 12 of them?!?


I had a memory today that I haven't had in a long time. 

I remember when I was a kid I was obsessed with McDonald's. When I said this out loud, Adrianne said she was too.

I saw that Boyd had a really cool drinking cup from McD's, with a Lego Batman theme. It reminded me of a cool toy from my childhood that I went nuts for.

You know how Happy Meals are typically in those square cardboard boxes? Well, I remember when they were, for a short time, in plastic UFOs. 

For some reason I went nuts for this. I wanted to eat out of the plastic UFOs desperately. Which reminded me of a story Grandma Joyce used to tell — that if they saw a McDonald's in the distance, they'd take an abrupt turn, in hopes that I wouldn't freak out and beg them to take me there.

Huh. Funny that I had forgotten all about those UFO happy meals until I saw Boyd's drink...


Speaking of lost memories...

My Aunt Phyllis died recently, she was 91. Jess mentioned it to me the other day. 

While I know some of the Senas, notably Nicky Jr. and Greg, I couldn't remember if I had really been around Aunt Phyllis in years... I don't think she made it out to the graduation party in Seattle that I crashed a couple years ago (it was coincidentally the same weekend as the U.S. Open, so I was in town.) Honestly, I wondered if I ever even met her (apologies if I hung out with her for a month in 1982, I just don't remember.)

Then I saw Martin post on Facebook this photo of her and Nick Sr. from a trip me and Mom and Dad took to Seattle back in... 1991?

Grandma Joyce had a big family. Sad to see it shrinking. Aunt Josie and Uncle Bob are still around. I remember Aunt Lena and Uncle Richard vividly. 

Neat to see an old photo like this. Look how big my dad looks!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Boyd and Koko, conked out!

You could hear the snoring from the living room!

Big 12 championship

A great time with Uncle Rick! Too bad the Jayhawks didn't make it!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

House of the rising sun

This photo is from Evey's first day of school. We've taken this photo every year since she started kindergarten. One day I'll round up those other pics so we can see the progression... 

(I don't think I've posted this one yet...)

Maddening that the photos didn't turn out great. The rising sun was playing tricks with the camera. Shots I had the flash on are washed out, a shot like this is very light/dark heavy. And of course, the best photo of the group, someone has their eyes closed...

But still a fun photo. There are pics of me in there from this series. I have a bad haircut and a bad shirt on. It's amazing sometimes that Adrianne allows me to leave the house.


Evey has a concert tomorrow at 6:30 at the Eudora Performing Arts Center. Check it out if you can! (I can't. I'll be in South Dakota speaking to a group of 70 at the same time.)

Here's a link to my deal tomorrow. The post-dinner part is most disconcerting... I really hope beer will have already been served by then, or else I'll just say hi then tell everyone to see me in the bar.


Adro is still wrestling with that flu bug. Ugh! It cost her two weekends. She's going back to work tomorrow. Hopefully some fresh air helps her bounce back. 


Ready for the Big 12 tourney this weekend! I'm going up Thursday afternoon, and Rick's taking me to the championship game. Hope the Jayhawks are in it!


I did jinx Koko, and the Joneses, when I bragged about her accident-free streak. On Saturday morning she had a # 1 AND a # 2 accident. 

Thankfully, the # 2 was in the laundry room, on a throw-rug, that I could just throw the whole thing away.

(Don't be mad Judy, that throw-rug needed to get trashed... no sense in trying to save it.)

Hopefully we start up a new long streak now. And I for sure won't be mentioning it on the blog.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Old photo of the kids

Just found this photo on my laptop, from that photo shoot we did a few years ago. Amazing to see how much they've grown!


Laying on Boyd's floor as I write this. Adrianne's still sick (turns out she has a bad case of the flu and the doctor told her she just has to tough it out) so I've been making dinner and getting him bathed and in bed each night (we usually split these duties, with me taking dinner and Adro taking bath/bedtime.)

Each night for the past couple nights I've told Boyd an Adam Strange story, and then "given him some candy," as he calls it... or, sing him "In Dreams" by Roy Orbison. The opening line is, "A candy-colored clown they call the Sandman... tiptoes to my room every night."

Boyd calls the song "Candy-Colored Clown." Two nights this week he's fallen asleep while I've been singing. That's some pretty good stuff right there!

I had to ask him for the night off tonight. I'm tired, a little grumpy, and I just needed the break. He was cool with it. He read (looked at) a book for a little bit, then I told him lights out. I grabbed my laptop, got to work on the ground. He fell asleep after fidgeting for a little while. He's sleeping good now.


March 1st! I'm ready for March Madness!!!


Koko the dog is still alive and well, FYI. She's a pretty good dog. Fits in well. She hasn't had an accident in a long time. I probably just jinxed it.


Evey has a music program on Monday. Sadly I'll miss it, as I also have a program (speaking engagements) in South Dakota Monday night and Tuesday morning.

She's been going to choir practice rock-steady all year. Which reminds me... she has choir tomorrow... need to get her to school by 7:15!

Better shut it down now.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Congrats Evey!

On having your art voted 'best painting' at school!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017


L to R, me, my old friend Mike from Palm Springs, George, a supporter of Golfdom, Bill, my co-worker, and Mark, a superintendent from San Antonio I met recently. We're in Orlando at that fancy cigar bar on Sand Lake. Good guys, good group.
You gotta realize that after doing the blog for several years, I quit caring about how many views it gets. In fact, I like that it's just you, me, Judy, Copy Jesus and occasionally Marlan. We're like our own book club. But our interest hinges on Evey and Boyd's cuteness, not any author.


Speaking of cuteness, I sent the above photo to Adrianne via text and wrote, "Check me and the guys out tonight! I thought this was a cool photo..."

She never responded. Clearly she was impressed beyond words.


Adrianne is sick, so that's muy malo. 


11:11. Say a prayer, or a thank you, or a whatever.


I take the magazine to press tomorrow at 11 am CST. As soon as it's out the door, I'm going to get a haircut. My hair is so out of control it's driving me crazy.

I was looking at my hair in the mirror, and I wondered how long it's been since I've had it this long. I look like an elderly Syndrome from The Incredibles. And then I thought to myself, "Mom would be proud... she always wanted me to try to grow out my hair!"

And then I freaked out because it reminded me that when Ortie died, Mom quit cutting her hair and told everyone about it... grocery store checkers, people in the line for the ATM, the homeless. 

And I thought, "dammit I gotta get a haircut right now!"


I chopped up a bunch of vegetable tonight and threw together a beef stew. I kinda like doing that, cooking it in the crock pot. It simmers for 20 hours or so, smells good... hopefully it tastes good... and it's nice not having to prepare the dinner right before dinner.

Bonus points if the vegetable beef stew can cancel out the smell of maple syrup, which has been dominating the Golfdom office the last couple days. (Boyd has been eating waffles in the morning lately and the smell of syrup drives me crazy... and it finds a way to linger.)


Not only was Adro not impressed by my cigar photo... she also told me the other day that I "looked like a baby" sitting in the back of my truck. 



Good news, though — Adrianne did say YES to the Pixies concert!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

13 in a row!

Bought tix tonight for $33, general admission, two weeks ago. Little did I know it'd be KU winning their 13th straight Big 12 championship, Brandon Rush's jersey retirement, or that the seats would be this good! BARGAIN!


Boydee sick, head cold.

Today he introduced grandma to sleep walking, sleep wizzing and sleep shitting, all at the same time.

I'm not even mad, Boyd... I'm impressed.


Reminder: ask Adro tomorrow if she will go to see Pixies with me in October.

I mean, it's the PIXIES!!!


Is the band Grizzly Bear any good? I like the guy on the Stratocaster who plays two self-righteous notes, once a minute. I need that job.


We discovered new planets today! Makes sense, in a weird way. We'll meet the aliens this presidential term. It'll be fun.


PIXIES, maaaaan! Who's coming with me?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Evey 1, Dad 0

Giant JENGA!!!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Go Speed Racer!

Boydee got a scooter from Santa... wanted to have one like Evey. With this nice February weather, we were able to get it out on Friday!


What to report on the three-day President's Day weekend? Not much. Pretty quiet. 

Well, Adrianne woke up at 4:45 this morning and rearranged the living room and re-organized Boyd's room...

But quiet.


We watched "The Book of Life" last night. Animated, takes place in old Mexico, lots of Day of the Dead stuff...

Best part was when they journey into the afterlife... great animation.

Some confusion with the kids though, when we talked about it this morning... "Wait, they were dead?"


Won an Adam Strange comic on eBay for 99 cents tonight! Oh yeah! 1976. Boydee and I will check it out when it gets here. He was a little stunned when he found out recently that Adam Strange was a "real" character, and not someone I just made up...


Nice W for the Jayhawks on Saturday! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

I haven't posted in a while... February has been busy!


This post and the previous post have pretty much the same photo. Ahh well. I'll have to get creative with my iPhone for the next couple pics. It's not often I get the two kids sitting together, sitting still.


I made some pretty nifty chocolate banana milkshakes this day. The whip cream, I'll admit, really added to the flavor.

Whip cream and sour cream were two things we never had in the house when I was a kid. Just ask Jess. I've learned to appreciate having them both now that I've married into the Weibel/Romero family.

Please don't ask me about the anti-creamite past of the Jones family. It's a dark chapter.


This upset me: I was having kind of a bad day, and then I dropped my autographed Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka photo behind a cabinet in my basement. Boyd was downstairs with me, and watched me panic.

The thing is, I think I'd have to essentially remove the cabinet from the wall to get to the photo. I got on the ground and looked all over for a way to access this little sliver of earth, and I couldn't find an easy way. It will/would be a nightmare to get back there...

Boyd and I were in-between games of Uno when this happened. Without saying a word, he went upstairs.

A minute or two later Boyd came down with my old C-3PO Star Wars carrying case, full of old Star Wars characters, that I've let Boyd play with for a few months now. 

"Here you go, Dad. You can have this back."

"Why, Boyd? Don't you want it anymore?"

"I don't know..." he sighed.

"Are you giving this back to me because you know I'm upset about the photo I just lost behind the cabinet?"


"Thanks Buddy. I appreciate it. But if you still like those toys, their yours. You want to play with them right now?"

He did, and he did. Such a sweet little boy.


I interrupt that Hallmark moment to mention that five minutes later, Boyd broke the head off of C-3PO.

(No, not the case, but the C-3PO inside the case.)


Quiet Valentine's Day here. Adro and I went to the casino mid-day (she had the day off, I worked from the restaurant there). Then I went and picked up Boyd. He and I stopped in at Quinton's for a little Buck Hunter. Then picked up a heart-shaped pizza and brought it home for dinner.

The pizza and cheese sticks were really good!

Everyone went to bed early. I went back to work (I'm so behind at work right now.)

I told Evey the heart-shaped pizza has been a tradition for about 10 years now.

"That's how old I am!" she said.

"Exactly. When you were born, that's when me and mom stopped going out for Valentine's Day, and instead, fed a little baby pizza!"


Boyd has a new saying, and it works every time even though he uses it all the time.

Best example: 

When Adrianne went to Florida, I cooked a breakfast that I quit cooking a long time ago because I don't think Adrianne loves it plus it's not so healthy (eggs over easy, breakfast potatoes and bacon with tortillas). Boyd has probably never had this breakfast (I stick to breakfast burritos, breakfast biscuits and omelettes now) so I figured, what the heck. I'll make it for him, if he doesn't like it, I'll throw it out and make him something else. It was a Saturday morning, no big deal.

Boydee can be a little bit picky sometimes, and I try to encourage him not to be. But he's 5, and...

Evey is still sleeping at the time. I go ahead and make Boyd's breakfast, set the plate in front of him (I cooked the eggs more over-hard than over easy, just to not totally freak him out) and then went back to the stove to cook my eggs.

"Dad..." Boyd says, "I don't like it..."

I turn around ready to snap, "DID YOU EVEN TRY IT?!?" when Boyd says, after a long pause, "...I LOVE IT!"

OK, so we're sort of on to the joke now, but it's still so cute that we let him play it out.

It'll be awkward the next time I make him some dish I'm really proud of, and he says, "I don't like it..." but there's no second part.