Sunday, August 21, 2016

The weekend that was, August 19-21

It was quite the weekend here at the Casa de Jones.

On Friday I left work early to get down to Wichita. Needed to meet a real estate person to discuss Mom's house, and the guy working the estate sale asked if I could mow the backyard.

I took the mower down there. Got to Mulvane just in time to meet the real estate person... and just in time for the storm to start!

By the end of the storm, 7 inches fell on Mulvane, enough for the town to make national news and for a downtown building to partially collapse. It was nuts.


Mom's house is progressing nicely. The guy I've contracted is amazing. So lucky he's on our side.


Got back home early Saturday and the fam took Judy to the farm. She took a nice trip to the DR and needed to be reunited with her car. Popped in and said hello to Virginia while we were there.

From there, we went to Lawrence, where I took the kids to see the DeBruce Center. We wanted to see the original "Rules of Basket Ball." It was a cool experience!

I told the kids we were going to a museum, because that's what I thought what we were doing. But according to the kids, despite the $3.8 million dollar document hanging on the wall, it did not qualify as a museum...

I just heard Adrianne say, "Ask Dad, he's running the show." (Which I've never heard uttered by my wife before.) Then they were all, "DAD! Can we PLEASE go to the museum that Grandma takes us to?"

Well, of course. I told the kids that the Natural History Museum was my first ever "beat" as a journalist, when I was just a sophomore in college. They were unimpressed.

First time I've been there in years. It was nice. Fun. The triceratops skull wins for coolest exhibit.


From there, Pyramid Pizza, where we all had a slice then played some Donkey Kong and Ms. Pac-Man. Apparently Adro didn't know who she was messing with when it came to Ms. Pac-Man. But stop by Pyramid when you have time and check out the new high score... yeah, THIS GUY.


I smoked a brisket on Sunday. It was a'ight.

Need to talk to Stark about smoking brisket.


CDs I want to get: New Radiohead. Glass Animals. Head and the Heart (maybe.) New Local Natives. Robert DeLong. (This list is just for me.)


Boyd dressed himself in the above photo. He did a nice job.

While we drove from DeBruce to Dyche, we saw all the sorority rush stuff going on. The Chi-O fountain as overflowing with college girls. The neighboring sorority was throwing colored chalk dust in the air, or something. Music was blaring. A school bus (Perry!) was blocking traffic. It was all quite the spectacle.

Evey was somewhere between horrified and disgusted, I couldn't tell which, but she wasn't having it.

She voiced her disapproval, saying it looked scary, and not like a good time, and for sure not like a party.

Then Boyd piped up. "I think I could go to that party!" he said. "I think I can go, because I saw there were two boys there."

Those two boys were photographers. But I was happy to hear that Boyd was down for whatever the hell that was.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

What a weekend

We packed a ton in! Including some pizza pies!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pissin' with Sasquatch

You've seen the commercials for beef jerky on TV, the "Messin' with Sasquatch" commercials, right?

Well, I decided to dub this one "Pissin' with Sasquatch." While I usually avoid such coarse language... I just think it's the perfect caption to this photo.

So the question is, the second you see this photo, is it funny, or offensive? I think it depends on where you stand on bathroom humor, frankly. 

I think it's hilarious. But I laugh at bathroom humor. Like the scene in Austin Powers when he drowns Lucky Charms? And groans, "Who does No. 2 work for?!?" I can't even type it without laughing. Sorry.

So the background on this one: my company held it's annual publishers/editors meeting at Seven Springs Resort in Pennsylvania. My friend Ryan's last day for the company was nearing (he's leaving for law school.) As a goodbye joke, Marty donned a Sasquatch costume and crashed the dinner party one evening. Apparently it's Ryan's belief that Bigfoot is real, we just haven't found him yet — this came up during lunch one day. So the guys like to rib him for believing in Bigfoot. 

So I had to take a pic when I walked into the men's room and saw Marty putting on the costume. Too funny.


I put my back out, BIG TIME. Saw the chiropractor today. He told me I'm swollen on one side. Five to seven days of low activity, and he says I'll be back to normal. But if I mess it up in the interim? Another five to seven days.

He told me that today. Makes sense now, why Adrianne got so mad at me, when I let Boydee ride on my back to the bedroom yesterday.


I've decided to let my hair grow out a little, see how I like it. So apologies in advance, if you see me, and I look like Teen Wolf's dad.

It probably won't last through the weekend.


I've been traveling so much lately. I'm tired, burned out. 

I did the math as I was sitting in Chicago O'Hare the other day, and I realized I'd been in seven cities in seven days. Those cities: Kansas City (natch), Chicago, Milwaukee, Newark, New York City, Denver, Pittsburgh. In the week since, I've added Columbia, S.C., Augusta, Ga., and St. Louis.

I'm almost done. One more trip — for what I think could be my big story of the year — next week. And it's a 36-hour trip.

In the meantime, the kids kind of look at me like I'm a stranger.


Boyd is starting to stretch out. He's looking tall and lanky right now. I think he's grown over the last few weeks.

He's also been pretty cute. He told Adrianne yesterday that she was "the best mom EVER!"

Then he told her she did a good job of picking Dad.


Today might have been momentous, if only for me.

My dentist (Hay, in Eudora, he's awesome) removed my lower permanent retainer!!!

I've probably had this in my mouth since I was 17-years-old... it may have been taken out for a week or two in the interim, when I was going to that awful dentist in Lawrence (cough LEGENDSDENTAL cough) but I finally convinced a dentist that, yes, this is my body, I want this thing out of my mouth.

It took all of 30 minutes, and it was actually easier than I thought it'd be. The dentist was like, "Whoever put this in apparently wanted it to stick around for a while." As I was leaving, I told him what a pain in the ass this thing has been over the years, and he said something like, "As a rule I don't complain about other people's work, but... that didn't look comfortable, what you had."

I've been digging this new feeling all day, of NOT having this jaggedy metal piece of crap in my mouth. It makes me nervous, sure — it was probably there for a reason, according to some dentist. 

But I'm going to give it a try, for a while. Like this new Old Teen Wolf hair I'm rocking!

What is this, a midlife crisis?


Man, I remember when I used to do this all the time. Blog at night, over a few drinks, with the music on.

I've played two top-100 courses in the past two weeks. This, right now, feels more fun.

On the jukebox: Interpol, Zero 7 and Portishead.


Just finished that show, Animal Kingdom. It was decent. Creepy, exciting at times... decent.


OH! I'm on a radio show on Saturday, I think. Here are some details. I don't know much about it, my associate editor, Grant "Buddy" Gannon, set the whole deal up.

Coincidentally, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal also contacted me this week, wanting to know if I could go on the record about what happened at the Hall of Fame NFL preseason game that got cancelled. I told them I couldn't talk specifics (I wasn't there, after all) but I could discuss the industry in general... that got the big GONG! and I talked my way out of that one. 

I'll follow-up on what happens on the 19th Hole...

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Surprise 10-year anniversary trip

So not this last weekend, but two weekends ago I "surprised" Adrianne with a 10-year wedding anniversary gift: a trip to Denver to see one of her favorite bands, The National, at Red Rocks.

Our actual anniversary is Oct. 21, but the National weren't available to come to KC that day. So I snagged these tickets instead, a few weeks early, to catch them at a venue I've always wanted to visit.

We also visited Fort Collins AKA Fort Fun, and went on a tour of Odell's Brewery and a ghost tour of Fort Collins. We also stopped in Estes Park to visit the hotel that inspired the movie/book The Shining.

We had a great time, and Adrianne has already talked about road tripping to see The National again next year. (Let's just hope they're opening for Radiohead. Or Interpol. Or maybe Starsailor is opening for them.)

I'll post more photos from the trip soon!

Touch 'em all

Boyd got to catch another Royals game with Rosalina, Brent, Dexter & co. He is a regular baseball fan these days.

We were shooting hoops on Saturday. He said, "dad basketball is a lot of fun!" I said yeah it's the most fun sport there is! He said no baseball is the most fun.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Justice League

Boydee with some old friends...

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Buzz Beach Ball 2016

It was a wild time at Buzz Beach Ball this weekend! Thanks to Judy for watching the kids on Saturday, and to Adro for watching the kids on Sunday so I could go back!

We had a blast tailgating with Jess and Rosalina. And then I had a good time hanging with Joe on Sunday.

The Violent Femmes, Cage the Elephant, Eagles of Death Metal, Glass Animals... it was quite a two-day festival for Kansas City!


Boyd's room is a mess.

It's so bad he looked at it the other day and told Adrianne, "Mom, we're going to need to get help to pick this up!"

She said, "You think?"

"Yeah... we need Evey, Dad... Grandma..."

"That's a lot of help!"

"Mom, we even need Memow to come over to help out with this mess!"


We're about to lose our nice view here at the casa.

Since we've lived here, there's been two empty lots across the street, giving us a nice view of a valley/drainage ditch across the street.

Construction has begun! I'll post photos soon.


Evey is excited lately, because I gave her my old iPhone. It's not a working phone, just an iPod now. 

She's changed the password, the wallpaper... she mostly just uses it for Pandora right now. But she thinks it's pretty cool.

She's such a good girl, she's having a good summer. She doesn't ask for much. I'm happy a little gift like that can make her so excited.

How much longer until we activate it, and turn it into a working phone for her?

Monday, July 18, 2016

Boyd's new toothbrush

Boyd has been really sweet + cute lately. Just now he asked me to take this photo and send it to his friend Jaxton Abasolo!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Making waves

4th of July

It wasn't as big as last year's party, but the same number of people were injured: ZERO! So we're calling it a success.

Grilled burgers and dogs, nice evening. Boyd actually asked his mom if it was OK if they called it a night.


DURANT TO GOLDEN STATE HOLY &*$*@*#*@*@*#$&$&#&&&@*@*@@*@*$($)$%)%))$))$)$

(My mind just exploded!)

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Happy 4th of July!


Boyd and I went fishing after work on Friday. Boyd caught two bluegill, I caught one. We could have caught more, but we were on a bad streak of fish swallowing hooks (2/3) and I didn't bring my needle-nose pliers... and at the end of the day, I hate hurting animals and didn't want to hurt anymore little fishies for no good reason.

We fished Lone Star Lake and found a nice little spot. We'll go back. With more gear, including the needle-nose pliers and a buck knife.


Boyd has been pretty good this 4th of July weekend, really. He stuns me at how his eating habits flop back and forth; he's a good eater one day, a non-eater the next. 

I remind myself that here in a few years, he'll be eating me out of the house.


Boyd's photo was in the St. John's newsletter this weekend! A cool pic of him smashing a confetti egg on top of Dexter's head.


Evey and Adro had a "Girl's Night In" on Friday, when they watched Adventures in Babysitting, did make-up stuff, etc.

When Boyd and I got home from fishing, Evey said it was time for her and Mom to "put on their masks." Boyd shouted, "I'll put on a mask!" and then ran upstairs and found his homemade bear mask in his room.

Neither of us understood the masks the girls then put on...


We bought some stuff today: a new stove, microwave, and a new bed for Evey.

Our little girl is growing quickly... feels good to spend some money on her, she's such a good girl.


Ribs, corn-on-the-cob and baked beans for dinner tonight. Last night was fajita night. Tomorrow? gourmet cheeseburgers, with shredded cheese and bacon pieces inside. And if the weather clears up... the pool!


Grandma Judy took Evey to see "BFG" on Friday, which stands for "Big FRIENDLY Giant," allegedly. 

I don't know, I haven't seen the movie yet.


Bought a fresh keg of Boulevard Wheat on Thursday night.

I forgot what a Wheat hangover felt like, until this morning....

Monday, June 27, 2016

St. John's Fiesta

Evey and Judy working the T-Shirt booth.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

All about Dad

Here is a photo of Evey and me taken yesterday at Rick's. I had to run a few errands in Lawrence, including picking her up from Judy's house. 

We started off at Pyramid Pizza (which Evey now prefers over Papa Keno's — that's my girl!) and played a few video games: generic Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, which Evey was interested in based on that Adam Sandler movie Pixels.

From there, on to Rick's, where we played maybe seven games of Pop-a-Shot. Based on the score of our first game, I spotted her 40 points per play, to make it interesting. She beat me every game with that 40-point spot. The last game she went off for 40! I was regularly scoring in the mid-60s, so there was no way I was going to win the last, Grand Master Championship game. 

Pretty sure I got hustled.


Boyd had a "Donuts for Dads" day at Montessori School recently. He was excited for me to attend. I had just gotten back from the U.S. Open, so I was happy I was able to go.

The joke I had with Boyd was, "Can I eat six donuts? Seven?" And he'd fuss, "NO, DAD! ONE DONUT!" This is a regular joke I have with the kids, usually over brownies, or whatever dessert is in the house.

Well the answer was I got a half a lousy donut — yes, a donut cut in half, the perfect picture of cheap-ass

I won't tell you how much we pay a month for Boyd to be told that fantasy (like super-heroes) are bad for his intelligence (even though I credit my "talent" for writing to comic books) but apparently it is only enough for Montessori to afford half a donut. 

But that's not my point. The whole ordeal was pretty much a mess, as there was no one directing traffic, or saying hello. Just dirty looks from the teacher while we all sweated outside. 

Dammit, that's still not my point.

My point is that the highlight of the event (for me, pretty sure Boydee has a blast) was as I exited, another adrift father pointed to me that there seemed to be some questionnaires for us that were set out. (I only assume they were meant for me to pick up and take with me.)

So here is Boyd's questionnaire he filled out about his Old Man:

I think my dad is: 39 (correct!)

My dad loves to eat: queso (Incorrect! But I love it because this is clearly sarcasm, as Boyd knows queso pisses me off... not because I don't like it, but because the family expects us to order it whenever we're out to eat Mexican... and I don't like my kids to expect an appetizer.) 

My dad works hard. His job is to: put the fence back up if a storm knocks it down. (I think he's being honest here. Adrianne would consider that sarcasm, but Boyd might actually think I did a decent job of putting it back up... even though it took me about two months to finally reattach the door, and also because I had to call Neuty to help me get the stumps out.)

My dad is really good at: working on his computer. (Nice, Boyd. I do basically work on a computer all day. Thankful for that. I'd be lousy at manual labor.)

I love my dad because: some days he lets me watch Rescuebots on Netflix. I like to play in the water sprinkler with him. You're the best Dad! (Well, Boyd, you continue to get me in trouble with your teacher. Your teacher hates Netflix, and Rescuebots is based in fantasy, which they said is a no-no. Maybe that's why they pulled out the plate full of half-donuts when I got there. Son, we've got to work on you knowing when to keep your mouth shut. But I love you too. Now, pass the queso.)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy Father's Day

My son and I, Saturday morning.