Monday, August 14, 2017

Back home from vacation

We had a great trip to San Francisco! Thanks to Uncle Rick for hosting us again. I've got lots of photos to post...

Friday, August 4, 2017

An update from Evey

Hi it's Evey. Right now we are on our vacation in San Fransisco staying with uncle Rick. We just updated  Talkin' Tracks episode 5 with Gwen Stefani and Dire Straits. Check it out!

Episode 6 is coming soon.

My dad just asked me questions about Talkin' Tracks that I will answer.

1. What is my favorite episode of Talkin' Tracks: I like Talkin' Tracks episode 3 because right after we jumped in the pool and cooled down.

2. What could make Talkin' Tracks better: Better locations that are really cool.

3. What would we do next year that is not Talkin' Tracks: A comic book series where we talk about the superhero movies, comics and superheros.

Talkin' Tracks Episode Five: Gwen Stefani & Justin Timberlake, Dire Straits

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Talkin' Tracks Episode three!

Tried to squeeze you all in!

4th of July party...

The party that Brent and Rosalina asked us to be GODPARENTS!!! (For real!)

Apologies for the cramped shot, hard to get this many Mexicans in one camera shot, tho...

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Some mysterious figures were seen lurking around the Jones household the other day. A couple juice boxes are missing. 

Anyone with information please called 1-800-JUICE-TIP.


Just got done having a visitor, none other than the Godfather himself, Lervik, AKA "JJ." 

Lerv came in on Saturday and went home this afternoon. A great trip, included two trips to Rick's, 47 quarters on Shinobi, dinner with Bauer, barbecue chicken in the backyard, badminton, the casino and a King Tut from Pyramid Pizza.

We will make no mention of how bar sports went against Lervy except to maybe say that I'm finally showing some rust now at age 40. Yeesh.

Great times, look forward to the next time!


I've got my tickets to Riot Fest! Who's coming with me?!?


Lipford talked me into seeing a band called Wolf Alice on Sunday. No idea what I'm getting into. But I'm cool with helping my fellow music fan check out a band he likes, that no one else has ever heard of.

He will be called upon one day to return the favor...

Sunday, July 2, 2017



Good start to the 4th of July weekend here. Lots of errands, plus me + kids got to see the Abasolos this evening.

We ended the night with the family on the back deck, furniture converted to a couch, watching some fireworks and the stars...

Went to the bank this morning and was stunned to learn it was 7/1...

Of 2017.

Seriously, I had to think about it for a minute... It's 2017?!? Wow.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The corner office

Because my company is growing, space is limited in the Cleveland office.

This week I came up and visited the office and the great city of Cleveland. Great trip. Check out the view from my office... Which was actually the corner conference room!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Thank you very mulch

Sorry you must wait a little longer for the big launch of Project X!!!


That's a lotta mulch. This is the summer of mulch. Boyd and I got Mom (AKA Adro) a truckload this spring (oof) then me and Boyd got Judy a truck bed full twice. 

No more mulch for five days.


BTW we miss Grandma Judy. She's been in Omaha for a month!

(What's that? Not even a week yet? Whatever.)



Got two tix to see Queens of the Stone Age this fall. PUMPED! Surprised they're playing Crossroads, figured them for a bigger venue. 

Opener is ROYAL BLOOD which is really cool, too.

I've seen QOTSA only twice... back when "Songs for the Deaf" just came out, at Lollapalooza in KC. Back when Lolla still toured (2003?) And I saw them at Lollapalooza in Chicago a few summers ago... 2013. MUCH BETTER SET.


I read the blog back from 2010 last night. I was way funnier back then.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sweet cut!

II haven't posted much lately. Hmmmmm.


Check out Boyd's sweet summer cut! Looks sharp! 

Grandma Judy and Evey don't like it. 

It's fine by me and Boyd. But if they don't like it, we'll probably try to find a new look.

As long as none of them try to take him to get a perm...



How did my downstairs TV get set on the wrong screen ratio again?!? I was only gone five days!!! (And I think I watched it on the correct setting since I've been back! ...uh-oh.)



Uhm, a special announcement. Soon...

Maybe even tomorrow!

Soon... we will have a new original series debuting here at Especially Evey (and sometimes Boydee). 

Seriously. We have even signed a contract with an executive producer (Adro Jones), we have a sponsor (Progresso Soup) and we have talent (Evey and occasional special guest, The Bubster.)

So hopefully the new... whatever... debuts soon. And hopefully you're blown away.

But the good news is... if you hate it... it's OK, we really don't care.


Boyd stopped me in the hall today and said, "Dad! You have a bug bite!"

He grabbed my arm and twisted it. I looked down. And I saw a giant lump on the backside of my arm.

"Oh, SHIT!" I shouted. I pulled my arm away and looked closely.

Turns out I was tricked by the sight of his thumb pressed up on the back of my arm. There was nothing. 

For a second, I thought I had a nickel-sized lump on the back of my arm that I didn't even know about.

Boydee is good at pushing my buttons.


Grilled chicken tonight. Big ol' breasts. Took a while to get the internal temperature up to where it needed to be.

But once they were done?

Oh my damn, it was a FEAST over here. Even Boyd was devouring food.

Homemade refried beans, too.

Boyd is excited for the Fiesta this weekend because he can't wait to eat some more tamales. Uncle Rick dropped off some tamales at the house, turns out the kid can't eat enough of them.


Buzz Beach Ball looks pretty good. But so does Queens of the Stone Age with Royal Blood at the Crossroads. And so does Femmes and Bunnymen at Crossroads. And so does Riot Fest in Chicago.

So many good shows this summer/fall! Going to be tough to make a decision.

In case you're wondering, I'm doing the RUN the JEWELS sign with my hands right now. Because Adrianne loves it.

Runnin' jewels fast!


I learned so much about the next couple Avengers films, from a friend who got some insider access...

But I'm sworn to secrecy. Dang!

Sunday, June 18, 2017