Sunday, October 4, 2015

Quatro Exitos

Happy birthday, Boyd!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy birthday Boydee!

Boyd turns 4 on Monday, so we brought him, for the 2nd year in a row, to Worlds of "Fun."

I'm not a huge fan of this place , but I'll admit the weather is perfect for it. I think Adro and Judy enjoy it. I found beer here this year, so I'm enjoying it more...

Also, Adro bought some kinda food pass, where we get free food (entree plus side) every 90 minutes. So I've turned that into my own private gameshow, trying to maximize that thing's value. (I think it cost $37?)

Beer is $8 a cup, but it is craft beer. (Same price as Bud, FYI.)

My biggest complaint about WO"F" is that inevitably, a child will have a breakdown -- overwhelmed by the rides, the long day, etc. -- and I'll bark at someone. But maybe not this year???

Monday, September 28, 2015

Blood moon over Eudora

Good day here on Sunday. Smoked ribs and they turned out pretty good, got the yard mowed, looking good, plus a fridge full of beer and a blood moon?

Adrianne was wore out early, but rallied for the blood moon. I had chairs set up in the back yard, and some oldies playing. Adro decided to bake some cookies. As the moon was coming up, I wandered to the front yard and saw the new neighbors across the street sitting in their driveway. Invited them over for fresh baked cookies later, and went back to the back.

 The new neighbors came over (note to self: Dave and Kris) and joined us. Nice folks, older than me and Adro, big sports fans, good neighbors. Adro came out with cookies. I got some extras and passed a few over the fence to the Browns. Decided it was a good idea to smoke a cigar.

 The blood moon was cool and the kids enjoyed staying up late and running around the yard. I enjoyed sitting outside and just shooting the breeze, a few beers in hand. Felt very small town America.

Was exhausted this morning, but a cool way to spend a Sunday.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Evey and Dad's day at the K

So I had this coupon book, with 4 free Royals tix and a dozen half price tix. I've been trying to use them all season but kept putting it off... There were some restrictions, like they could only be redeemed Sun-Thurs, Hy-Vee zone only, etc. it was a Boy Scouts fundraiser, I think we spent $40 for the book.

We were all going to go on Sunday, but then I decided midday on Wednesday that me and Evey should go on up, just the two of us, for that night's game.

We got to the parking lot, and gridlock. While waiting to pay to park, I pulled the ticket out if the book. That's when I saw it: the whole booklet expired on Sept. 9th. DAMN!

But whatever, we'll just buy tix, right? So we walk all the way up there, bypassing a few scalpers. We enter the chute for the ticket windows... And then some guy, a little older than me, stops me. "You guys need tickets??" He asks. I shrug because I'm looking to buy something cheap. "I've got two. They're free. You're going to have to come with me, but... You're gonna want these tickets."

I say sure.

"Is that your daughter? I've been waiting you two... I almost gave them to a couple college guys..."

We then followed this guy and his friend... To the Diamond Club... And then to the 8th row, directly behind home plate!

(This story to be continued , I'm tired of typing on my iPhone!)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dos Half-Mexicanos

Took the kids to arguably their favorite restaurant last night -- Tres Mexicanos. Didn't feel like cooking last night since I'm on a quick business trip these next two days.

Picked up Boyd from Montessori School for the first time. Met one of his teachers, she said he's doing great at the school. "He's always so happy!" was what she told me. Which is nice, because at home he can sometimes be so GRUMPY.

Strange moment of the day: Cell phone rings, it's Eudora Elementary School. "This is Seth," I answer, expecting the automated call service to be reminding me about an early release day, or somesuch. Instead? "Hi Daddyyyy!" Evey's voice sings. "Uhh... hi Evey. What's up?"

She was concerned about who was picking her up, there was some confusion... and even more confusion on my part after she called. (But we worked it out.)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The weekend that was

Pretty good weekend here at the Casa de Jones.

On Friday we had the Lipford wedding reception. I left work early to hit golf balls at the range, to get the weekend off right. Picked up Evey, then double-cut the front yard (unbelievably, no one noticed.)

Then the Neutebooms and Littlejohns came over to the house for a few pre-party beers. We still have the old bed in the downstairs living room, which made the seating a little awkward. But we had a good time and then were off to the reception.

The reception was at the Lackman-Thompson barn in Lenexa, my old stomping grounds (my first ever internship was next door at the Lenexa Chamber of Commerce, thanks to my sister. I was 20.) The food spread was solid. The music, not gonna lie, did not live up to my expectations based on Lip's excellent taste in music. That's OK, I'll blame the DJ. The Neutys had to bolt early, unfortunately, something to do with a child younger than 7 missing mom, I'm sure. We soldiered on a little longer than wrapped it up ourselves.

I barely managed to avoid the dance floor.


Saturday Evey and Adro had cousin Jackie's baby shower; Boyd and I had a soccer game.

Me and BJ were out the door by 9:30 for his 10 a.m game. I'm coaching his team. We have a young team, but cute kids.

Boyd refused to play for the first three quarters (OK, he was on the field, but he didn't do much). We hung tough until the third quarter, when Christian gave up maybe three goals in the quarter. Since Boyd wasn't doing anything anyway, and with a big deficit now, I elected to put BJ in goal for the fourth quarter.

Surprise, surprise. Boydee actually played goalie, making three saves. One was a save on the outskirts of the goalie box, which was cool because a lot of the players are nervous about venturing that far away from the goal mouth. I'm trying to teach these kids to pounce on the ball when they can, BJ actually did that!

He pitched a shut-out quarter, then celebrated by blatantly crashing the oppositions' post-game treats line. Sneaky, Boydee. Real sneaky.     

We then headed to Lawrence to see Mike Amyx at the barber shop. We both walked out looking sharp. Just in time for the KU band to march down for the band day parade. Timing? Perfect.

Watched as much of the parade as we wanted to, then walked to the library. Boyd played and played and played in the library while I read Action Comics #23-25, Superman # 8 and # 9, and World's Best Comics # 1 (collected in one volume). Man, were those Superman comics were bad back then. Mind control? Drugs to make Lois forget what she saw? A war on gambling? Yeesh.

From there Boyd agreed with me that we needed nachos, so we went to Wayne & Larry's. Boyd played a little Golden Tee while I watched college football. The nachos were decent. Chilling with BJ was... golden.

From there, home, where Boyd fell asleep on my chest as we watched Zathura together.

That night, Adrianne bought a much-needed couch at IKEA, to remedy the situation from Friday, of having friends sitting on a bed awkwardly trying to look cool. Now we have a couch that converts to a bed and we got it for a steal... the basement is once again an awesome place to watch football.


Sunday BJ and Adro went to church while me and Evey hung out. I mowed the back yard. Evey read comics and watched TV. Laundry ensued.

Then it was time for football, and I watched a whole lotta football.

Grilled dogs and brats for dinner. Watched most of my three fantasy team go down in flames. Fell asleep on the new couch downstairs flipping between NFL and US Open tennis.

The moral of the story?

It was a good weekend.

I want a lousy Golden Age Superman comic.

And it might not be worth the effort to double-cut the front yard.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy birthday Adro!

Do like Boydee, and take the rest of the day off...

Monday, August 31, 2015

Mt. Recycle

As long as we're renaming mountains, let's rename the recycle bin... It is now known as the pile of sh- uh, I mean, Mt. Recycle.

Carefully constructed by Adro Jones while I was in Austin over the weekend. And no, she does NOT have an engineering degree.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Evey and Boydee jamming

From my iPhone, I think this is from August 2014:

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Boyd started at Montessori School!

Good news! Boyd started at Montessori School on Monday, and he LOVED IT!

He is unlike me. I hated my preschool, Kindercare. I cried and cried and cried until Mom finally pulled me out and watched me at home until I was about 12, I think.

The worst thing Kindercare did? I remember crying to Mom, "They put CHICKEN in their SPAGHETTI!!!"


I wasn't there for this, but, from Adro:

Boyd, Evey and Adro are watching TV in bed while I was away on business. A bra/panties commercial comes on TV.

"Mom?" Boyd says, getting her attention. "...sometimes I see these commercials with these girls... and I wish those girls were real... and that they could come out of the TV... and hold me."

That's my boy! And yes, son, I've wished that before too. ...but it was, uh, 15 years ago...


Adro held Boyd's hand on his first day walking into Montessori School... and he went in, no problems.

The next day? "Mom, can you not hold my hand today?"


Both kids have soccer practice in full swing. I'm coaching both teams again. Practices are Mondays, 5:30-6:30 for the big kids, then 6:30-7:20 for the little kids. It makes for a loooong Monday.

But this Monday was awesome, because when we came home, tired and sweaty, Adro had made a big pasta dinner with fresh side salads and a fresh loaf of bread from Sprouts in Lawrence. All I had to do was sit down!

Evey suggested that this become a regular Monday night tradition. I agreed with that idea. And then she had an idea for Tuesday night dinners...

Taco Taco Tuesday? No.

Salad Tuesday.

No thanks!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Miss these guys

2015 in San Diego for the day...

Saturday, August 8, 2015

National Root Beer Float day!

Evey and I celebrating this wonderful day on Thursday... Following the long drive to, and then halfway home from, Pierce City, Mo. (Evey didn't like her DQ float very much... And actually, I didn't either.)