Wednesday, February 22, 2017

13 in a row!

Bought tix tonight for $33, general admission, two weeks ago. Little did I know it'd be KU winning their 13th straight Big 12 championship, Brandon Rush's jersey retirement, or that the seats would be this good! BARGAIN!


Boydee sick, head cold.

Today he introduced grandma to sleep walking, sleep wizzing and sleep shitting, all at the same time.

I'm not even mad, Boyd... I'm impressed.


Reminder: ask Adro tomorrow if she will go to see Pixies with me in October.

I mean, it's the PIXIES!!!


Is the band Grizzly Bear any good? I like the guy on the Stratocaster who plays two self-righteous notes, once a minute. I need that job.


We discovered new planets today! Makes sense, in a weird way. We'll meet the aliens this presidential term. It'll be fun.


PIXIES, maaaaan! Who's coming with me?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Evey 1, Dad 0

Giant JENGA!!!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Go Speed Racer!

Boydee got a scooter from Santa... wanted to have one like Evey. With this nice February weather, we were able to get it out on Friday!


What to report on the three-day President's Day weekend? Not much. Pretty quiet. 

Well, Adrianne woke up at 4:45 this morning and rearranged the living room and re-organized Boyd's room...

But quiet.


We watched "The Book of Life" last night. Animated, takes place in old Mexico, lots of Day of the Dead stuff...

Best part was when they journey into the afterlife... great animation.

Some confusion with the kids though, when we talked about it this morning... "Wait, they were dead?"


Won an Adam Strange comic on eBay for 99 cents tonight! Oh yeah! 1976. Boydee and I will check it out when it gets here. He was a little stunned when he found out recently that Adam Strange was a "real" character, and not someone I just made up...


Nice W for the Jayhawks on Saturday! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

I haven't posted in a while... February has been busy!


This post and the previous post have pretty much the same photo. Ahh well. I'll have to get creative with my iPhone for the next couple pics. It's not often I get the two kids sitting together, sitting still.


I made some pretty nifty chocolate banana milkshakes this day. The whip cream, I'll admit, really added to the flavor.

Whip cream and sour cream were two things we never had in the house when I was a kid. Just ask Jess. I've learned to appreciate having them both now that I've married into the Weibel/Romero family.

Please don't ask me about the anti-creamite past of the Jones family. It's a dark chapter.


This upset me: I was having kind of a bad day, and then I dropped my autographed Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka photo behind a cabinet in my basement. Boyd was downstairs with me, and watched me panic.

The thing is, I think I'd have to essentially remove the cabinet from the wall to get to the photo. I got on the ground and looked all over for a way to access this little sliver of earth, and I couldn't find an easy way. It will/would be a nightmare to get back there...

Boyd and I were in-between games of Uno when this happened. Without saying a word, he went upstairs.

A minute or two later Boyd came down with my old C-3PO Star Wars carrying case, full of old Star Wars characters, that I've let Boyd play with for a few months now. 

"Here you go, Dad. You can have this back."

"Why, Boyd? Don't you want it anymore?"

"I don't know..." he sighed.

"Are you giving this back to me because you know I'm upset about the photo I just lost behind the cabinet?"


"Thanks Buddy. I appreciate it. But if you still like those toys, their yours. You want to play with them right now?"

He did, and he did. Such a sweet little boy.


I interrupt that Hallmark moment to mention that five minutes later, Boyd broke the head off of C-3PO.

(No, not the case, but the C-3PO inside the case.)


Quiet Valentine's Day here. Adro and I went to the casino mid-day (she had the day off, I worked from the restaurant there). Then I went and picked up Boyd. He and I stopped in at Quinton's for a little Buck Hunter. Then picked up a heart-shaped pizza and brought it home for dinner.

The pizza and cheese sticks were really good!

Everyone went to bed early. I went back to work (I'm so behind at work right now.)

I told Evey the heart-shaped pizza has been a tradition for about 10 years now.

"That's how old I am!" she said.

"Exactly. When you were born, that's when me and mom stopped going out for Valentine's Day, and instead, fed a little baby pizza!"


Boyd has a new saying, and it works every time even though he uses it all the time.

Best example: 

When Adrianne went to Florida, I cooked a breakfast that I quit cooking a long time ago because I don't think Adrianne loves it plus it's not so healthy (eggs over easy, breakfast potatoes and bacon with tortillas). Boyd has probably never had this breakfast (I stick to breakfast burritos, breakfast biscuits and omelettes now) so I figured, what the heck. I'll make it for him, if he doesn't like it, I'll throw it out and make him something else. It was a Saturday morning, no big deal.

Boydee can be a little bit picky sometimes, and I try to encourage him not to be. But he's 5, and...

Evey is still sleeping at the time. I go ahead and make Boyd's breakfast, set the plate in front of him (I cooked the eggs more over-hard than over easy, just to not totally freak him out) and then went back to the stove to cook my eggs.

"Dad..." Boyd says, "I don't like it..."

I turn around ready to snap, "DID YOU EVEN TRY IT?!?" when Boyd says, after a long pause, "...I LOVE IT!"

OK, so we're sort of on to the joke now, but it's still so cute that we let him play it out.

It'll be awkward the next time I make him some dish I'm really proud of, and he says, "I don't like it..." but there's no second part. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Day one: occupy Boydee

This is the first night with Momma out on business... No need to occupy Evey (she occupies herself) but Boydee needs entertainment...

Uno, tonight, and a little bit of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

(I mean, hey, why not?)


No, they did not color tonight. This is an old photo. But Boyd DID wear the same Jammies tonight.

(And also... No nighttime diaper!!! Aghhhh!!! Wish me luck, those are fresh sheets...)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Locker room talk


Well, well, well... look who got to tour the KU Men's Basketball facilities, including the film room, player's lounge, coaches' locker room and players' locker room?

That's right, your pal Jonesy!

My buddy Rockhold won a charity auction for the experience. He could take 9 people with him. Very cool!

Someone asked the guide at the end of the tour, "Do you give this tour all the time?" And he said not often at all, and that, in fact... we were the first non-University employees he had ever shown the locker room to!

That made us all feel privileged, even more so than we already did. Then the guide said, "Yeah, I saw that I was supposed to give a tour today and it was during a women's game... I texted my boss to confirm, he said, 'just do it.' I really figured it was the president or someone coming in here today!"

Got a good laugh.


Somebody left their McDonald's All-American shorts laying on the ground in the shower. I told the guys, how ballsy is that? Because you know he did it on purpose, just to yell out, "Hey, anybody seen my shorts anywhere? They say MCDONALD'S ALL-AMERICAN on them..."


One more thing on the facilities (and I'll happily show you all my iPhone photos next time I see you): I admire the height and width of all their doors, shower stalls, sinks, etc. 


Evey got a 95% on her math test today! Only missed one question. They're doing long division, and I can tell she enjoys it and really "gets" it because she always seems happy when she talks about it.

I hope she has a strong math game for a long time, because I'm worthless! Adro can of course help her out... but I just fear the day Adrianne is busy and I have to take a look at math homework... I'm screwed.


Adrianne leaves for GIS 2017 tomorrow... I'm up chilling, watching her pack and get ready. She's going to be gone for TEN DAYS!!! We're going to miss her.

She asked me with a straight face the other day, "Are you having a Super Bowl party?"


Speaking of parties, please save the date: Friday, April 28th. I'll have just turned 40 (on the 26th) and we're going to have an epic party somewhere... details to come!


The political climate is ridiculous right now. It feels like a sick joke.

I avoid political talk as often as possible... but I'm proud that the Joneses were contributors to the $21 million donated to the ACLU over the weekend.


An old Adam Strange comic. Great character design.
For bedtime stories I typically tell Boyd original Adam Strange stories. Adam Strange is an older DC Comics super hero... I always start off the stories with, "Once upon a time there was a space cowboy! And his name was... (Boyd sings, 'ADAM STRAAAAANGE!) ...and he surfed the cosmos, looking for trouble!"

I've been on a little bit of a roll lately. Recently Adam Strange visited Rylon 17-B (he usually visits Rylon-7, Boyd doesn't seem to mind) where he fought the lava monster... then last night, I told Boyd about Adam Strange's first meeting with 'Green-Gan,' a powerful alien he met at a space refueling station that was an enemy who later became an ally. I promised the story of their first team-up tonight. 

Good news/bad news: Boyd reminded me tonight I owed him the story of Adam Strange and Green-Gan's team-up. But I had mostly forgotten the details of the previous evening's story.

S'ok. I winged it. And whenever I end a story, I try to sum up why the story was important ("...and that was the time Adam Strange learned to never use a solar blaster when fighting an Umbala Bug!") And if Boyd likes the story, he'll quietly clap and say, "Good story, Dad."

I got a "Good story, Dad." tonight.

Green-Gan will go on to fight another day!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Beans, beans, good for your heart

Great weekend here! Busy but GOOD.

How about that Jayhawks W on Saturday? So pumped, and so surprised!!

Oh yeah I also got to tour the KU locker room this weekend... More on that (with photos) soon...

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Boyd has been wanting to play Uno lately... Lots and LOTS of Uno.

He's a fun opponent, and he's pretty good. Interestingly, he's hard to beat downstairs (Avengers deck) but more easily defeated upstairs (Batman deck.) not sure I understand the why... But he'll play either spot no problem.

When the game ends, he wants to see what cards are left. "Aw, Dad, you had a skip!" If he wins. When he loses, he shows me how he COULD have won...


I look at this photo, and maybe it's the long sleeve Superman T, but I feel like I've traveled back in a time machine to face myself in Uno.

Wonder if I was this handsome/ornery/skilled etc.? Hard to know...

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The strawberries are gnoshed

The kids wanted a snack on MLKJ day. Me and the kids were off, Adrianne had to work.

Evey suggested strawberries. A good, healthy snack!

The kids ate away. Boyd asked if he could throw his away because he was done. From a few feet away it looked like he had untouched strawberries in his bowl. "Boyd, can I have your leftover strawberries?" I asked. "Yeah Dad but I don't think you'll want them because they've been gnoshed."

I looked in his bowl, and sure enough, nerdo had take about one big bite out of each strawberry and left the rest behind!

Thanks Boyd!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Baby arm!

Wait a second... do I have a baby arm?!?

Well, still mad about the Chiefs game but happy the Jayhawks won in Ames. We've been watching a lot of sports in the "man cave" the last few days and guess who joined me?

Yup, Boydee Atticus. He's in. He likes the idea of shouting when you lose at Uno, shouting at random referees on TV, of munching chips with no regard for the crumbs.

We worked on the Jonesy high-five (perfected by me and a young Evey, when she still thought I was cool) as well as a "bro-hug" (which Boyd has down now.) Boydee also has a favorite track on the jukebox: 1813.

"Rock Chalk Chant."

Don't play 1318 -- speed metal.


We had several days off. Evey Jones reads this blog but I'll admit, at age 10, she'd rather read the back of a milk carton, or just tell her dad he's weird. 

The worm has turned here at the Jones house. I feel like Evey is just as likely to endorse my next idea as she is to throw it under the bus... also, I occasionally scare her now... she just thinks I'm weird. Sigh...

She still likes my cooking, but she's A-OK reading quietly or listening to Taylor Swift on her headphones. When I break in... I'm interrupting... which is new.

It was good while it lasted.


Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka died on Sunday. That was my guy when it came to pro wrestling. Always thought he was cooler than Hulk, Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior, etc.

We named our college band after Snuka: The Jimmy Snuka Heart Attack Band. 

At least it was stomach cancer at an old age that got Snuka, not a heart attack at a young age. Time waits for no one... though I think Snuka cheated it for a long time, based on his death-defying leaps.

S U P E R F L Y ! ! ! !


Glad we all survived ice-mageddon 2017.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stay off the roads

Thank God we cancelled school on Friday... Look what could have happened!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hard labor

After Boyd was in BIG TROUBLE for hiding on Christmas Day, I put him to hard labor as punishment!

Good job on recycling buddy!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017