Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Well, that was a bummer!

But at least we got this photo out of the game...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Friday, March 20, 2015

Flat Stanley and Adro remember the Alamo

We've gotta print this photo of Flat Stanley. Soon.

Flat Stanley had an epic journey... With many twists and turns! (Thanks Alan and D!)

But when it's Boydee's turn? I'm taking charge as FS' travel guide!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Driveway chalk Captain America

We'll do this again, it was fun. Usually I draw an oversized Jayhawk, today we decided to go with a giant Captain America versus MODOK (OK, it was my idea for him to be fighting MODOK.)

It's difficult to draw something this large without messing up proportion... and yes, I did mess proportion up all over the place.

But I'd rather do that than try to draw a woman and have Adrianne make fun of me for the mannish women I draw!

(Horses and women... can't draw either of them!)


Evey and I had a good time hanging out outside from 3 to 5 today, doing our art project.

First a loose dog came up and spooked us; then a jogger told us that the owner of the dog yelled at her despite the dog almost biting her; then Snicker's original owners, Jeff and Bethany, walked by and said hi; then my assistant coach for Boyd's team walked by with his family; then my neighbor came over to say hi and asked me if I've lost weight (when dudes start noticing, that's saying something, I think!)

Evey and I went from wasting time to having to hustle outta here so we could meet Adro and Boyd in time! We even left all chalk-y!


Dinner at Applebee's tonight. Thanks to Adro for buying! She was feeling like a steak, and they have a pretty good "Two for $20" deal that we go in on together.

I've got to say the kids were pretty good today. Boyd was well behaved at dinner, Evey was her normal sweet self... we almost looked like we knew what we were doing, being out in the public today!


It's rare that I'm happy to see someone get nailed by a court ruling, but I think it was justioce served that Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams got nailed for ripping off a Marvin Gaye song.

I remember when Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer got nailed... and I remember when "Bittersweet Symphony" got nailed (who sang that? The Verve?) And I felt like, back in the late 80s/early 90s, bands were still learning their way around sampling, borrowing, etc.

But by now, Thicke and Pharrell shoulda known to seek permission, or to pay up front, to the Marvin Gaye family.

Because that song was a blatant rip-off. (And I dug it!)

The Beastie Boys... look at the liner notes for Paul's Boutique. They sampled/borrowed everybody! But they somehow figured it out to where they could do it without getting taken to court!


Blew the keg today. It lasted a month and a day.

It was a good keg!


I'm glad KSU lost today, because I didn't want to face them again in the Big 12 tourney. I think TCU is a better match-up for us.

Still, I could see us going .500 over our next four games...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Back-to-back soccer practices

I don't know what Boydee was doing with his tongue in this photo. He really needed the haircut, though.


I'm coaching both Evey's and Boyd's soccer teams. We had our first practices, back-to-back, tonight. I think it was a success! Well, except for Boyd's participation.

He was all excited to play soccer. Until he got there.

He stretched with the team, and then he bailed.

I kept trying to get him to come out and play, but he kept telling me his stomach hurt.

You know who that reminds me of? Me. I was terrified to play sports when I was a kid. And he's WAY younger than I was when I started out... so I get him being a little spooked.

Hopefully he'll loosen up and play in the next practice. He's the youngest kid on the team... we'll keep trying.


Boyd wore his Batman jacket to Leela's house today. He asked Adro, "Mom, you know why I like wearing my Batman jacket?" "...because I like to look awesome."


March madness, baby!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Disney on Ice

We took Evey to Disney on Ice, because she's awesome.

We took Boydee to Disney on Ice, because he's Evey's little brother.


Had a guy come give us an estimate on getting the house painted this weekend. the whole ordeal was kind of a mess.

College kid, no common sense. Called me way too often in order to be "professional."

And then gave us a bid for $7,000. CRIKEY.


I'm going to be mad if KU has to vacate its wins in which Cliff Alexander played.



First soccer practice, for both kids, this Tuesday.


Magazine due to press tomorrow morning. That's going to be fun.


I've been jamming a lot of Local Natives lately. Good stuff.



Sunday, March 1, 2015

Interesting men

We're back from a long trip to San Antonio. Just me and Adro, the kids stayed behind with Judy.

We were down there for the Golf Industry Show. We all got sick, first Boyd, then Adro then me (I guess Evey mostly escaped it.) I'm the only one dealing with it now, ready to be done with it.


February was an especially slow month for me blogging. That's no good. Just busy, I guess. And I'm going to keep this post short, I feel sick and I am mostly grumpy when I'm sick.


Here's a video from the show, if you're interested... give it a click!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The weekend that was (mostly)

Pretty good weekend here, it felt long, which is a good thing. Too often weekends go by in the blink of an eye...


Friday I worked until closing time, even though I hoped to be in a bar stool by 4 p.m. (Grandma volunteered to pick up both kids.)

Adrianne had a co-worker's retirement party that I might or might not be invited to (turns out I was invited) at Johnny's West. So I drove over to Rick Younger's house first (owner of Rick's Place) and dropped off my new cover story for his review. From there, on to Johnny's West.

Nice party. Lots of familiar faces. Mostly friendly faces. The memory book created for Penny was phenomenal. And Lisa and Laura sent me some of the photos from the memory book, including one of John Wake that about broke my heart.

(How often do you see a new image of your friend who passed away 12 years ago? Damn.)

I'll post all those photos here, soon.


Saturday morning we had another Leprechaun basketball game. Evey had a nice little game... a few rebounds, and some good defense. For a few possessions, I actually had her guarding the other team's best player. Her length bothered him, she did a nice job.

We won handily, again. It's shaping up to be the best season of our short Eudora Rec career.

From there we went to breakfast at the Cosmic Ale House in Eudora. It was the previous home of the Funky Monkey. The folks who owned the Black Cat Cafe closed that spot down, and reopened with a new name/theme here.

The new name was a nice touch for me, as I hate cats, especially unlucky black cats. They all make me sneeze, but I really don't want to worry about the unlucky ones when I'm eating...

Great breakfast! Good stuff.

Saturday afternoon Evey was invited over to her friend Adira's house for a sleepover. Adrianne, Boyd and me just chilled. Boyd went to bed early, for once. I rented Sex Tape with Cameron Diaz, to watch that evening. I laughed a few times, but overall, it was so stupid I gave up on it (Adro fell asleep on it.)

Snickers was a good dog.


Sunday, no hoops, so I actually went to church with the family.

From there, back to COSMIC for another breakfast, which was as good for me on day two, but disappointing for Adro.

The kids went to the library with Judy afterwards. Adrianne went shopping (and bought all sorts of awesome stuff, at a super-reasonable price. Mostly groceries, I think, but there may have been a monkey's paw in there, or perhaps a disco ball.)

I worked, and pretty much wrapped up the new issue of Golfdom, including my column and the cover story.

I called Rick, and he approved of my new cover story. I respect his opinion, so that makes me happy.

A healthy dinner, then bedtime for the kids and Adro. A good thing, because Evey's lack of sleep had her behaving badly (grumpy/attitude) and Boyd seems to be getting sick.

I think we'll all be ready for Monday morning, after a solid weekend. We'll see, in a few hours... 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Big win vs. the 'Clones

Nice win last night versus the Cyclones... love where that puts us in the Big 12 race. And OU beating West Virginia tonight... another bonus.

Wayne Selden Jr. was killing me in the first half. Then he got red hot in the second half. Glad Bill didn't bench him!


Boyd will randomly tell us, "I love you, too." We've almost gotten used to it, but at first it felt sarcastic. You know... "Yeah... I love you, too."

But it's just his way of saying it.

This whole section probably doesn't make sense. Oh, well.


Evey is devouring books lately. She is into this series, like that "Dracula doesn't drink lemonade" book I posted the other day. She's reading about a book and a half an evening!


Finally finished a cover story that had been looming over my head for over a week. Nice to have that off my plate. I'm OK with it right now... it isn't my best cover story, but it has some good parts.

It'll be out here in two weeks. Subscribe to the digital version of Golfdom at Golfdom.com!


Happy birthday to Mark today!


Boyd refuses to go to bed on time. Bedtime around here is a nightmare lately. It's just a stage...


Watched the Super Bowl here at the house with the family. Adrianne picked up Pizza Hut. I drank a bunch of the porters off my keg (Ashtray Black.)

It was a low key Super Bowl, but it was nice. Crazy ending, huh?

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kobe Steakhouse

On Tuesday Evey had her "First Reconciliation" or somesuch — it's a Catholic thing, and a big deal, I'm told. So I told Adro we needed to do something cool for Evey to celebrate the reconciling.

So we went to KOBE STEAKHOUSE in Lawrence. It was Adrianne and the kids' first time there.

Adrianne's response was, "You mean that place where you once saw the rat?" And that was a looooong time ago, when it was a different place. But I could tell she was nervous.

Then we got there... and guess what? Adrianne said I 'was right' to suggest we go someplace new, different, exciting... because we all had a blast. Now, we also almost missed Evey's Reconnection... but we had a great time. (OK, we were just a little late, and then stuck in the church for two hours.)

If you haven't been to Kobe, it's a Japanese steakhouse, where the chef cooks on the flat-top grill in front of you. The fire balls, the onion volcano... it's pretty mesmerizing for me, I can only imagine what the kids thought.

The bill came to $70 (including tip) but it did feed the family for two dinners (yes, leftovers) and one late night drunken snack for me. And I had two beers with dinner, too.

Happy Recollection, Evey!


The Leprechauns won the game today, but the game was frustrating.

I was accused of yelling at Evey... I did yell, actually, at the top of my lungs. But that was just to get her attention. Once she came over to me, I calmly told her to shoot the ball like she meant to make it. (This was after her leaving back-to-back shots short.)

Evey gave me a look, so maybe my wisdom was misplaced. It happens.

Also the first time I complained to the ref this season. But one of their kids was abusing the loose interpretation of the rules for 2nd graders. My complaint was, hey, a double dribble, OK... but this kid is scoring points off a quadruple dribble! That's a little too lax, especially when the kid clearly understands the rule he's bending.

Within 5 seconds of my complaint, she lit the kid up with a traveling call. That didn't make me feel very good about myself.

Oh well, we won, and I'm told the kids are getting better. It's a fun team. I hope Evey is enjoying it. She is definitely getting better each week.

From hoops, we went to the Rockholds and watched the KU/KSU game. Good to see those guys. Our kids are very similar in age, so it makes for a nice, relaxing time that the kids have someone to play with so the adults can just kinda chill. Boydee was really excited to "play with Spencer," he kept telling us, so that's cool.

From there, back home. I cooked dinner, baked chicken and veggies. Boyd managed to interrupt our peaceful dinner to somehow get a turd on the bathroom floor and subsequently step on it. I knew something terrible happened based on Adrianne's yelp. But everyone apologized to everyone, and we're just happy that Boydee is doing so good on his potty training, and I'm also kind of impressed that he has found a way to miss the toilet with a turd. I kinda want to see that, especially if we're ever in Columbia, Mo.

Everybody kinda quieted down after dinner. I managed to get a little work in, but I've got a long ways to go. (This post is my work break.)


Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow. I'm taking the Patriots by a lot, but I'll be kinda rooting for the Seahawks. Really don't care for either team.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Evey was reading this book as she walked out of school today... Then, an hour later, she was telling me how it ended!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday funnies

Good shot of the kiddos enjoying the gifts they received from my Colorado trip: two Scooby-Doo team-up comics, one with Wonder Woman (for Evey) the other with the Super Friends (for Boyd).

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Saturday in January of 2015

It's 10:22 p.m. on a Saturday night. An episode of "Batman" from 1967 is on TV. My 3-year-old son is next to me watching the show as I type, two hours past his bedtime.

How did I get here?


Talk about an unlikely Saturday...

Evey's game was at noon today. Her team won a close one. Evey had a rebound or two, maybe a steal... and not much else. But she played hard.

After the game, we reconvened here at the house. No real event scheduled, just sorta one of those days that just happened...

So imagine, if you will, this unusual cast of characters:

  • The Jones family: Adrianne, Evey, Boydee and me
  • Grandma Judy and Great-Grandma Virginia
  • Bart and Lynette Littlejohn (Bart is our assistant coach)
  • Khali, a friend of Evey's 
  • Snickers the Dog
So yeah, we had a house full. And it was fun! I mean, imagine the conversation on a sunny (and warm) Saturday afternoon between 88-year-old Virginia and 37-year old Bart... while both have a cold beer in hand?

It was one of those Saturdays you had to be here to believe.

For example, did you know Virginia was a big fan of Golfdom? That's something I learned today.

We watched the Jayhawks play (and win) a fine game against UT, ordered a few pizzas, went out for more beer... and just had a good time, overall.

Boyd even fell asleep on the couch at one point, enabling us to watch the Tech/ISU game!

A random, fun Saturday, for sure.


Despite Boyd's boycott of sleep (and at this point, I'm just curious to see how late he goes) ((update: 10:15 p.m., he's still fighting it.)), he's been really good lately.

He's pretty much* done with diapers. He's been behaving himself lately. And he's just as cute as a button.

I'm pretty sure I was this cute at his age. And, actually, I'm pretty sure I watched a lot of old Adam West Batman episodes when I was his age, too.

I like this kid's style.


I'm off to a lousy start on the blog in 2015. However, I did celebrate some success in 2014.

I blogged more in 2014 (129 posts) than I have since 2010... when I posted 189 posts.

I think I did make a new year's resolution to blog more in 2014 than I had in previous years. And if that is true, then boo-yeah, mission accomplished, people.

And then I get off to a slow start on 2015.

What the dealy?


I'll tell you: I've been on the road most of 2015.

I was in Charlotte (got to see the new Lervik abode... nice!) and South Carolina three weeks ago, for a few days...

Then I was on a secret mission two weeks ago, for a day... followed by a night in Denver, then a day in Vail (ouch) and a few more days in Denver, for the STMA show...

Then this last week, my new associate editor, Buddy, was in town Monday-Thursday, so we could talk about the magazine, some big ideas, etc. I also took him on the beer tour of Lawrence, but sadly, not enough time to do that Boulevard tour...

So that leaves me to today. Glad to be home, with my feet up, doing intermittent laundry, not worried about checking into the next hotel, or worse, crashing on my skis.


I've started this 12 Monkeys show on ScyFy network... decent so far.

I love time travel stories.


Obama came to town this week, but we did not meet.

Next time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Captains America!

Taken last summer in Evey's room.