Thursday, April 17, 2014

Five Boydee observations

1. Boydee gets tired, especially following long walks. This picture is evidence.

2. When Boydee gets real tired he turns into a tremendous as*hole, as he has a couple times the past few nights... especially on Tuesday. Terrible Twos on Tuesday. Not as cool as Taco Tuesday. Or tasty.

3. We put new glow-in-the-dark stars on Boyd's ceiling recently. He's really excited about this. And they glow really bright, too, since B.J. has good light in his room (unlike his sissy, who has a room that is lit like a vampire lives there, along with a chandelier that hangs about five feet from the floor.) So the second night he had them, we asked them if he was excited about his stars, and he was. "Yaaayyy, stars!" he said to us. Then Adrianne tucked him in, and closed his door partially shut. He laid there for about 10 minutes sing-songing, "Yaaaayyy! Stars! Yaaayyyy! Stars!"

4. A different night Boyd was tucked into bed, and Adrianne was paying bills in her office, with the door mostly shut. Then she heard, "Mom?" She looked to the door and there was his beedy eye looking in at her. "You're cute!" he said.

5. I was bragging at dinner tonight how I've cooked five meals in a row at the house, no eating out for dinner lately. The menu the last few days: chicken with rice and vegetables... taco tuesday... spaghetti... chicken stir-fry... and... what did I cook on Monday? Hmm... We're all pondering this... and Boydee goes, "beans and corn!" And he was right — Cajun red beans and rice, with corn and sausage. "You're right, son!" I was impressed.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Elvira's kids

Here's a pic of Boydee's daycare provider, Elvira, with a couple of the kids she's watching these days.

Elvira (pronounced el-VEE-ta) watched Evey for us too. She's Adrianne's 3rd or 4th cousin, or something. She's awesome!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boydee and Dexter, Spidey twins

Boydee and Dexter (Brent and Rosalina's boy) were rocking the same Spidey T-shirts at Lupe's 60th bday party over the weekend.


Kidding, it was very cool. Good taste in superheroes, boys!

Dan Jenkins and I

At the 2014 GWAA dinner at Augusta (Ga.) CC.

And I need a haircut and a shave!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fantastic Bub

Here is a fun photo of Boydee in his new pajamas... Adrianne and I realized it at the same time, that he looks like a member of the Fantastic Four. With his new buzz cut, I'm thinking he resembles Johnny Storm, AKA the Human Torch, pretty closely!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Velma's 93rd birthday party

Was a great time, and included lasagna, possum pie, Velma playing "Amazing Grace" on the piano, sidewalk chalk for the kids and I, and even some time in a tree swing for Evey

Happy birthday Velma!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dinner at Anthony's

Adrianne had an after-work meeting at the bar (nice!) so I went and picked up both kids today. Not wanting to mess with dinner, I let Evey choose between McDonald's, Jin Shan buffet, or Anthony's in Eudora.

To my surprise, she chose Anthony's!

Boydee got a buzz!

I'll post better/more pics soon!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Super Keith Freeze Batman

Hmm, what to report on tonight...?

Boyd has been a bit of a stinker lately. Just acting up. Freaking out over little stuff.

I put on my mad face, spank him, and the one who suffers the most is Evey. History repeats itself (Jess did the same thing for me, I'm told.)


Evey asked me the other day, "Is Mom done having babies?" I said yes. "Oh no!" Evey said. "I want a baby sister!"


I had a long post written about Evey's new glasses, but apparently the email I sent to blogger didn't pick it all up...

Was worried about the reaction at school. And yep, some girls were mean to Evey about her glasses.

Evey gets really bummed/worried about the way her "friends" treat her at school. I keep telling her that she hasn't really met a true friend yet, the way things go at school (friends one day, mean the next, etc.)

I look forward to the day Evey makes a true friend at school, and I hope she's a good influence on her.


Did they find that missing plane yet?


I had the good fortune of discussing the KU loss with Bart tonight.

Whenever KU loses, the first person I want to call is my Dad. It's instinctual.

So I have to bite my lip for a few days until I can meet up with a friend whose b-ball intelligence I respect. I was finally able to dump on Bart tonight.

My main questions: how did you not create more plays for Wiggins? Get him to the line! How did the Jayhawks shoot so cold from 15-feet in? How about from behind the 3-point line? Who would have thought that Black and Frankamp would have been our two best players in the last game of the season?

A disappointing end, because it should have been an easy W. And then we would have gotten Embiid back...


I watched "Timecrimes" last night. An interesting time travel suspense movie.

It's foreign, and the dubbed dialogue was daft, but the story was pretty solid. Watch it, then let's discuss Hector # 1 and Hector # 2 (and not to give anything away... maybe # 3, # 4, and # 5.)


When was the last tiem you visited Go there and check out some video interviews! See how fat I'm getting!


So they found that plane, yeah?


Did a photo shoot for our sister publication today. Hope it works out! Would love to have a photo on the cover of a new magazine.

As of right now I've shot covers for GCM and Golfdom... I think that's it. Would love to add Landscape Management to the mix!

Now, I've been on the covers of many magazines... including Lollapalooza Fanbook 2010, Prematurely Gray Yet Studly, Awesome Comic Collection, Wrigley Field's Most Wanted, Cat Fancy and Throw Momma From the Train Fan Club... but it's just as cool to be the one taking the cover photo...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

At Sunfire

Celebrating a great report card!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fritz's train

Boyd enjoys watching the train cruise by at Fritz's. Every time it goes by he acts like it's the first time... "LOOK!!!"

Monday, March 17, 2014

Planet Comicon 2014

I'll tell our full comic convention story later, but for now, here is Jett getting Ande Parks' autograph at the convention on Sunday!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

About time!

We had a good weekend last weekend... let's see...

  • Friday night Adrianne and I watched "About Time," and I was surprised that I really, really enjoyed it. Funny, thought provoking, sweet, sentimental, touching... with a nice philosophical ending about life.  
  • Saturday morning, we had our last ass kicking basketball game of the season (thank God that's over!)
  • Saturday afternoon, Jess, Jett and Marina came over and watched the KU/WVa game with us.
  • Saturday afternoon-noon, I went crazy and patched some holes in the walls around the house, much to the surprise of Mrs. Jones.
  • Saturday night, Adrianne and I went to the St. Patrick's Day Parade charity auction, and had a good time.
  • Sunday morning I hooped it up with the guys, and hit a handful of James Harden-like 3-point bombs.
  • Had a beer with Ted after the hoops.
  • Had a beer with Adro after that.
  • Adro and Evey proved to me via a TV show that Mermaids are real.
  • Went out with some friends in the industry and pounded way too many beers at Rick's on Sunday, leaving me in a semi-deceased state all day Monday.
So, as you can clearly see, it was a good weekend.