Sunday, May 28, 2017

Back from the beach

The Joneses spent the last nine days in Texas. Nice vacation! Most of it was spent in South Padre Island.

...and yet it's great to be home! Kids are happy to be home too.

Yes, we ate What-A-Burger about seven times in nine days. Even Boyd told me tonight, "Dad I don't want you to grill because we ate so much What-A-Burger while we were gone..."

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Playing with Jett's Spidey toys

Jett gave his cousin a buncha Spider-Man toys... And yes they have been getting a lot of action!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

That's my boy!

Man, that's a good lookin' kid! (As well as a beautiful & awesome Grandma!)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Made in the shade

So the kids, in this pic, are enjoying the new mid-day shade we've got at Casa de Jones

Adro bought all new patio furniture, replete with a big ass umbrella, recently. I learned about this purchase about a day before the box — about the size of Judy's car — arrived at the house.

It's a good purchase. No idea how much it cost, and that's fine with me. (I let Adro worry about the money. I just worry about the assembly.)

So my Sunday was spent assembling this new couch set. Not that big a deal. It took about 2.5 hours to assemble the furniture, and probably the same to assemble and troubleshoot the umbrella (it required 200 pounds to keep it anchored, and I'm guessing a Kansas wind, plus it being on the upper deck... probably need more like 300 pounds. Tried to accommodate, but I'm nervous.) Got sunburnt doing it. 

But then we had this magical lunch under the umbrella. Adrianne got this sandwich bread — wheat bolleo, or somesuch? SO GOOD! She whipped up these sandwiches, we all ate under the umbrella, on the new furniture... I told Adrianne it might have been among the top three sandwiches I've ever had IN MY LIFE... and afterwards, I just chilled there for a little while, exhausted from travel, work, etc. It felt good. 

I hope to do that more in the near future. Now that I'm 40, and the kids are more mature (OK, Evey has been mature for 8 years), maybe I can start to chill out under this umbrella on weekends, with a good book....


Top three sandwiches, huh? Do I know the other two? Well, let's consider...

Top three sandwiches consumed by Seth Jones, in his first 40 years, no order:

Quinton's, late 90s/early 2000s, ham and cheese on wheat, grilled, plain potato chips and a side of barbecue

Back deck, 2017, under the umbrella, made by Adro on some wheat "bolleo(?)" hogie bun. Ham, Tillamook cheese, lettuce, vine tomatoes, light mayo and mustard, with chee-tohs

Citi Field, Mets game, 2013 or 2014, steak sandwich from center field. Steak, steak sauce, grilled onions, Monterey jack cheese and a tall Miller Lite. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Evey's fresh haircut

Check out my sweet princess! Went and got a trim on Saturday with her mom, and now mom's been curling her hair each morning!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Look who's 40!

It was a great birthday party at Rick's! Thanks to everyone who came! I remember very little of it, but I know everyone got home safely... so that's a success in my book!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

40 years of dubious Seth Jones moments

Today marks 40 years that Seth Jones has walked the earth. Sure, there have been good moments... maybe even great moments, depending on whom you ask... but let's be honest. There have been some amazingly cringe-worthy moments along the way. Let's revisit them, with...

Dubious moments of Seth Aaron Jones!

... Broke his arm in an 8th grade basketball game... during pregame warm-ups...
... Left his high school prom date behind so he could play in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament...
... Broke his leg skiing on New Year's Day 2000, then made his sister pass out while she was holding his cast to set...
... Bent a Camaro in half by hydroplaning down the Kansas Turnpike and spinning into the median at 85 miles per hour. Got knocked out, woke up to the sparks and thought, "Am I on fire?"
... Once convinced three friends it was a good idea to scale the outfield wall at Wrigley Field and run the bases at 3 a.m., resulting in all four of them getting arrested... and in the chipped front left tooth he has to this day (Thanks, Cook County Police)...
... Once called 911 to report a fire, then tried to help the arsonist as he watched his car burn at Charlie's East Side...
... Helped Samuel L. Jackson score the role of "Nick Fury" in the Avengers movies, without making a single dime for himself...
... Stopped his '64 Impala by dragging his left foot down a dirt alley after the brakes went out...
... Drove to Perry Lake with a camcorder because he was sure the fireworks he was seeing were UFOs in formation...
... Angered Phil Mickelson so much in Palm Desert that Mickelson felt compelled to call him a "stupid mother f*cker" in front of a gallery of fans...
... Had to walk from downtown Lincoln, Neb., to the Lincoln airport following the Pixies concert, because Lincoln didn't have taxis... 
... Passed himself off as a professional golfer to get himself into a sold-out Violent Femmes concert in Pittsburgh...
... Once hired a Hooters waitress to interview John Daly... and it worked...
... Once went 0-24 from the three-point line in Sunday pick-up hoops, but still got pissed when one of the young guys didn't pass him the ball for an open look...
... Thought it'd be cool to co-pilot a plane from Augusta, Ga., to Cleveland after a long day of drinking at the Masters... 
... Once interviewed the cast of the Walking Dead, despite having never watched the Walking Dead...
... Demanded his LASIK surgeon give him an extra valium tab because he's "6'3", 210 pounds, not some lightweight....!"

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dear Dad,

Adro found this photo today, the cool thing is the name of the photo includes the date the pic was taken. So this is from Dec. 27th, 2006. Evey was 20 days old!!!


Watching Thunder vs. Rockets. Probably Westbrook's last game in OKC. He averaged a triple-double this year! The NBA has been insane the last couple seasons. They got rid of fighting, but some of the players have become supernatural. Steph Curry, he's like 6'3", had the best season I've ever seen anyone play, bombing threes from all over, steals, assists. Clearly the best team in the NBA. And then they lost to LeBron in the finals after they were up 3-1!


So I turn 40 in 2-and-a-half hours. Don't worry, I've only had a couple and I'm going to go to bed soon, before I get sappy.


War's greatest hits is on the jukebox, btw.


Got sappy on Friday night at Uncle Jesse's funeral. Everyone wanted to tell me Mom stories, it got to be too much, like it was Mom's funeral. ALL those guys knew Mom. But not many made it to her funeral (Uncle Jesse, Doug and Marilyn and Jesse did!) So this was, for a lot of them, an opportunity to pay their respects to Mom.

All good. Glad it's over. I told Judy as we drove away, "That's the last time I'll be in Lamar, Colo." Because, with Uncle Jesse gone, I just don't see when I'd go back now. You know?


Big lightning strike. Going to lose DirecTV soon, surely.

Yup. Jost lost it. Switching to "notepad."


So we still live in that house you saw when we showed it to you when you were sick. Eight years ago now? The house has been good to us. We love it. You should see the yard right now! DIALED IN. I’ve got help, I hired a lawncare company to spray it… but the mowing, trimming, landscaping, etc., is all me and Adro! 


Donald Trump is the president. Of the United States. No bullshit.


Me and Adro, the kids, we’re all fantastic. You should see Evey. She’s so tall, and she’s only 10! VORACIOUS book reader, like you and me were. The 5th graders told the 4th graders today that there was a “summer book reading contest” and Evey said everyone just turned and looked at her! HA!

Boyd is great. Really growing up all of a sudden. Knows how to fish. Loves basketball. Jayhawks fan. Ladies man. Has this eyebrow thing he does when he’s trying to be charming. My only problem with him is he’s a cooler dude than me now. (Check him out, he's on the far right in the Superman T-shirt.)

Adrianne is awesome. Loves her job, it’s not even work to her. Loves the kids, loves the house, still thinks I’m OK! 

We celebrated 10 years last summer, a trip to Red Rocks. Honestly, we’re more in love today than ever. Today, after work, we just sat on the back porch, enjoyed the weather, shot the breeze. The saddest thing was when the sun went down and we had to go inside. 

We have a dumbass dog, too. But you’d like her.


Barry Manilow, turns out, is gay. On a somewhat related note, Bruce Jenner is now a woman. 


Elvis is still dead, far as I can tell. Still on the look-out, though.


Work is good, really good. Today I took my... 77th issue of Golfdom to press. Hey, 77 — that's convenient. I was born in '77...

I remember when you used to tell me that you thought Ed was grooming me to take his job. That didn't quite work out. We both left GCSAA within days of each other, under different circumstances. But I ended up as editor-in-chief of Golfdom, and now he's semi-retired and he helps me with Golfdom.

Cool moment: I saw Ed and Clark at the Golfdom booth and they were both laughing. I walked over to see if I could find out what was so funny. Turns out they were reminiscing about how awful their old jobs were... and how it all worked out at the end of the day because now they work for me, and that's such a chilled-out, laid-back proposition. 

I liked that. Funny, I had to ask Clark to call Ed to convince him to come work for me! He was actually worried it would be like GCM days...

It's cool to work with like-minded, cool people. I remember how much you liked Ed.

And my new co-workers (well — I've been there for seven years now), are such great people. My CEO and publisher came to Mom's funeral from Cleveland! Such good guys. You would love this company, these guys. Such a cool place.

I really wish you could have met Boyd, and I really wish you could have seen how cool my new/current job is. 


BTW, I lucked out in the in-laws department. Judy, my mother-in-law, is the best. (Tell Mom not to be mad.) Judy is definitely the 5th Beatle of our family. Heck, she even came with me to LAMAR last week! I'm pretty sure she knows more of my family than I do!

And Alan is good to me too. Easy to talk to. Probably hates Trump more than you would.

Kind of like what I remember of you... you were tight with Grandma JoJo, tight with Grandpa Nick... but I never met your dad, and Grandma Iris passed when I was little... it did seem like, to me, that the Gomez family was the family you grew up with, though.

My extended family is very, very cool. Not enough Gomez or Jones — it's almost all by marriage at this point, like what you had — but cool. Actually reminds me of the Gomez family, circa 1988. You should see our Christmas parties! Tequila shots, pasole, Adro even brought in a little gambling last winter! 


The Wichita Wings, after a short comeback, are still defunct.


Movies are really, really good these days! They're making new Star Wars movies now, the kids love them. The super hero movies are great, you would have loved the Avengers and especially Thor.

I still remember when you, me and Mom went to see Lord of the Rings, and you said after one of the early battle scenes, you wanted to stand up and give me a high-five because it was so badass. Just like the NBA is really good, the movies today are awesome!


No more championships for the Jayhawks since you past. I know, right?


Me and Jess are still tight, of course. My best friend for 39 years and running. I'm doing my best to look out for Sis. And her kids are amazing. Jett is going to be taller than me soon, which is fine with me.


So you turned 40 in... 1987? You would have had a 17-year-old and a 10-year-old. I have a 10-year-old and a 5-year-old. 

So that's kind of good news for me in a sense in that I remember you whooping me at basketball when I was young, probably didn't beat you until I was 14 or 15 the first time? But you would have been 44 or 45 at the time... I'll be 49 or 50 or 6-feet under when Boyd is that age... so I'll have a good excuse if he beats me when he's 11...


I'm still driving your truck! It's actually growing on me. It's a good truck.

And I've still got the Impala! WHEW! Was worried there when Mom passed. But it's still in the garage. 

Now that it's in my name, I'm hopeful to get it going again. Still looks sweet.

They did auction off the house last week. Sorry. The poor decisions were rampant in the wake of your death, but I think even if I had a time machine, it would have still ended up all f*cked up in the end. It is what it is. 

I'm not angry with myself on all that, at least.


So I'm about to turn 40. Better go to bed. 

See, I told you this wouldn't get sappy. I'm good.

I think the thing to know is, the last eight, nine, ten years of my life have been the best ever. I hope the next decade is as good to me. If it is? I can't even imagine. 

Hopeful for another Jayhawks national championship, you know? But really, who cares? So long as the kids keep doing their thing, I'm good.

I'm good.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Cuz Richard and me

I love hanging out with this guy! Wish I could see him more often.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The one that got away

This is the photo I was taking, with worm in the water near the rock in the foreground, when I got my one big strike of the day.

Oh well. Better to have the kids busy fishing than me busy.

And honestly, it was good practice for me. Practice getting fish separated from hooks.

My dad could get a fish off a hook just by giving it a mean look. It takes me, depending on how the fish was caught, at least a minute.

I will say that neither of the kids had a fish swallow a hook, which was awesome. Last time Boyd caught a few fish when we were at Lone Star, the bluegill had practically digested the hook by the time Boyd got it out of the water. (You can imagine how that story ended for the fish.)


Of note, both kids wore hats based on my suggestion, to the pond. Even though it turned out to be cloudy, it's a good thing to have a hat on to keep the sun off your head, bugs away, etc.

Boyd wore his "BOYD JONES" construction hat. Evey wore a 2016 US Open visor that still had the tags on it.

I love my kids.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter fishing spot

So here is a photo of Boyd flip-flopping around in front of one of the two ponds that were available for us to fish on Easter Sunday (we never made it to the other pond, the kids were busy enough with this one!)

Boyd had a wild kinetic energy created by too much sugar and too many fish caught when I took this photo. I really thought he might jump in the pond, he was so energized. I also threatened to throw him in the pond, which pleased him.


I'm catching A Perfect Circle on Wednesday night at Starlight... the sweet year of awesome shows continues! But when will 96.5 announce the Buzz Beach Ball Line-Up?


You heard it here first: My 40th birthday party takes place next Friday, 4/28, at Rick's in Lawrence. We'll start up right after work, and keep going as long as my 40-year-old bones will let me. 

There will probably be some kind of Mexican buffet. Maybe I can get Evey to make enchiladas for the occasion? Hope to see you there!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

I asked Boydee what his favorite part of the weekend. He thought, and then said it was this moment, from yesterday — driving the tractor with A.D.!


We had a packed Easter holiday. First we went to the farm and visited with the Romero family. A good showing, we saw Virginia, Judy, Rod and Lupe, Rosalina and her kids, Jason, Jackie and Baby Vale, my sister and Jett and Marina, and Ben. Good food (awesome ham, cheesy potatoes, a french toast like, cake or something, and my sister brought a big strawberry cake.) The kids did an Easter egg hunt, a pinata, you name it. (I have photos but the blogger website is only allowing one pic at a time from my phone right now.)

The BIG EXCITING news there was that Rosalina and Brent are expecting their third baby!!! WOW!!!

Following the farm we went to the mansion. Judy got us on the invite list to Steven's house here in Eudora, replete with two (stocked) fishing ponds. I've got photos of that too, but see above, re: photos.

Boyd caught about 15 little fish, and Evey caught three fish including one BIG crappie. I caught no fish — most of my time was spent running half-circles around the pond, taking fish off the kids' hooks. I did fish right at the end, and got a BIG STRIKE but was too busy taking a photo (I'll post it next time) and whatever it was drug me under a rock and broke my line.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Nice photo of Sis and Dad

I was looking for old photos from previous Masters trips the other day, and found a folder of pics from Mom's old Kodak Easy Share camera. Scrolled through it. There are a LOT of photos. This is one of the good ones, of Sis and Dad.

I think Mom must have had the flash set to "eyes half-closed" because two out of three photos feature people in a mid-blink. Oh well. There are some good ones. In all, there's probably something like 500 pics...


I haven't been blogging much lately. Been tired. Wore out.

Also, I haven't been drinking rum and Coke for a long, long time.

Rum and Coke inspires me to write. It's not good for me, but it makes me want to blog, want to share thoughts, to be creative.

I wonder what percent of blog posts are written with a rum and Coke sweating on the end table next to me (like this one)?


Saw Radiohead last week, at Sprint Center, with Bart and Jeff Beckwith.

Solid show. Not the best Radiohead show I've ever seen — our seats were good not great, they didn't play "How to Disappear Completely" and we missed the last cold beer of the night when they stopped sales at 10 p.m. sharp — but a solid performance. Worth the money ($105 per tick!)

My favorite Radiohead shows I've seen in person:

5. Sprint Center, last week, with Bart and Jeff
4. Lollapalooza, 2008, with Bart and Mars
3. Atoms for Peace show at the Orpheum, Los Angeles, 2009, with Mars
2. Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, St. Louis, 2008, with Adro, Bart and Gabe
1. Sprint Center, 2012, with Adro, Bart and Lynette


Echo and the Bunnymen are coming to Kansas City this summer! I've never seen them. They'll be here 7/25! Adrianne and I plan on going (it's a Tuesday night — Judy, can you babysit for us?)

Crossroads, with the Violent Femmes! Epic. See you there.


And now I just saw that Local Natives — a band I keep missing — will be at Boulevardia on a Friday in KC! Maybe I can actually convince someone to go with me!

The Joy Formidable will be there too, so maybe Jess will join me...


Evey story:

State assessment tests are ongoing, and Eudora does this thing where they make it a BIG DEAL to the kids. They have the high school cheerleaders come in and do some cheers, the basketball team does some dunks, some three-pointers. Then they email the parents, tell us to get the kids to shower in the mornings and eat a square breakfast so they'll be ready. And they ask us to send healthy snacks to keep the kids' blood sugar pumping, I guess.

So Adro volunteered to send in snacks today. Grapes (delicious), granola bars and bottled water. Everything the kids need to pass their state assessments.

(And yet some kid randomly brought in brownies, but nevermind that...)

So Adro buys a new cooler just for this occasion. You know why? Because my coolers always contain beer cans... or raw meat... or, on occasion, live nightcrawlers... and this disgusts Adro.

So the new cooler she bought? Looks like the Vera Wang purses/bags she always has. Flowery. Bright. Non-functional. As in, "Do me a favor and carry this from the bottom, I don't want the handle to break, OK?"


So I walk with Evey into school holding this flowery bag. Evey was already nervous about being seen with me. Seriously. But I walk in and deliver the goods to her class. I ignored the 10-year-old boy who said, "Pretty!" as I walked by. Whatever.

And you know what Evey said to me at dinner today? "Dad, you actually did a good job looking cool walking in to school today. You were wearing a gray jacket, black shorts, sunglasses, you looked tough... and you carried that bag all the way to my classroom!"

So for the record: in the eyes of Evey, even though I was getting smirks all the way to the classroom... I actually looked cool carrying that Vera Wang bag like a baby.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bear's bday party

The kids were invited to Barrett Neuteboom's 2nd birthday party and got to decorate their own cupcakes. Good times!

I took photos of the birthday boy but they were all with Trish's phone! I'll see if I can get one soon. Little Boy Boom is getting big!