Sunday, April 15, 2018


Stay-home snowy April weekend

We talked about it Friday night. Boyd really wanted to have a movie night. Me and Sis wanted to work on eBay.

We negotiated. We would have a "stay home" weekend and not go to the movies (I was going to take BJ to see Rampage) and instead have a movie night at the house.

It turned out to be a really fun weekend!


Our soccer team got smoked again, 3-0. It was frustrating. At least Boyd managed a shut-out as goalie in the fourth quarter.

We're going to change our tactics this Saturday. Keep a kid back home on defense at all times. Maybe that will help.

It was cold out for the game, maybe 34 degrees. Miserable.


We rented two movies: Coco and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Coco was really good! We had already seen Spider-Man, except for Mom... so it was a movie weekend downstairs.


Evey posted some more stuff on eBay for me, while I worked on reorganizing my comics in the garage. We also listened to Radiohead, Soundgarden and Interpol.

This was my favorite part of the weekend. Evey is fun to hang out with.


Made enchiladas today. Been a while. They turned out solid, too! I made some chicken enchiladas (as well as cheese, of course) -- I think Evey kinda liked 'em!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Hit the hyperdrive!

It was a short weekend for me, but a good one.

I got home Thursday night after a few days at the Masters. I was exhausted. Then, on Friday I had to pay the piper and get all my Masters stories turned in for a noon enewsletter.

I gave myself a deadline of 11 a.m. and almost made it. Didn't matter as there were some ads missing, a few glitches in the code (stuff that qualifies as Not My Job) so it didn't go out until 3:30 or 4 that afternoon... but STILL! I was happy with it, almost proud. No hard-hitting journalism, but a nice collection of photos, people pics and a story or two. You can check them out under the blog section of


So Friday I was just beat. We cancelled soccer practice because it was supposed to snow (it didn't, but the temperature dropped to mid-20s.) So we ordered a pizza and had an upstairs movie night with the fireplace on.

We watched Captain America: Winter Soldier, and guess what? Adrianne liked it!

Then I zonked out.


Saturday the soccer game was cancelled (weather) but team photos were not... so we got dressed up in our team jerseys and went to the rec center.

It was cute, most of the kids actually put on their cleats and stuff. I just had Boyd put on jeans and his sneakers. We were done in 10 minutes.

From there Boyd and I went to AMC Studio 28, where we watched Pacific Rim 2. I promised him a long time ago that we'd go, I managed to make good before the movie left theaters (I guess it's doing OK at the box office.)

We got there early so I put a $5 in the dual car racing game... Boyd beat me three out of four games! Ouch!

The movie was in one of the "dine in" theaters. Boyd got a cheeseburger and fries, I got the bacon-chicken macaroni and cheese.

We ate like kings! At first Boyd wasn't digging the burger, but he liked my mac and cheese, so he ate that. I nibbled on his burger while it was hot. Then we traded. Boyd is a slow eater, and this is the right setting for him. It took him about an hour, but he finally ate all his food. Success!

This movie with my buddy reminded me of the time I took Evey to see Lego Movie in the same theater, and we ordered this giant brownie. Me and Evey still talk about it. It was the only memorable thing about Lego Movie!

I wonder if Pacific Rim 2 will have the same feeling?


The photos are from the theater, we still had a little time to kill before the movie started so we posed with the "Solo" display. I told Boyd to "look tough." So this is us looking tough.


The girls were home relaxing (Adro working on laundry) and they watched Pride and Prejudice or something else girly. I think everyone was happy.

I finished Saturday off by running some of Boyd's too-small clothes over for Barrett, then a quick stop at Rick's, then a stop at Jim Shan to get Chinese take-out for dinner. SO GOOD! I couldn't cook Saturday night because I had to get ready...

1) for a new couch


2) for another trip.


My weekend ended Saturday night as Sunday I got up at 4 a.m. to catch an early flight to Long Island, N.Y. I'm writing from there right now. It's been a long day. But I got to see somewhere I've never seen before.

Course visit tomorrow morning, then home tomorrow night. Then I don't travel again for 9 days! And Judy will be back from San Fran by then.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter, people of earth!

I hope your Easter was as good as ours!

This was for sure the quietest Easter we've ever had... Sis and the kids went to Wichita, Judy is in San Fran... so it was just me and Adrianne and the kids here at the house all day...

Two of us were sleeping off a KU/Villanova hangover. But I digress.

It was such a chill day. The weather added to the day — sleet, then mini-snow balls, then snow. Weird weather day for April 1!

And yes... I grilled in the snow. Praise Jesus!


Did you see the story that two different pilots saw the same UFO in Arizona? Within minutes of each other?

The truth is out there.


They're showing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory back-to-back on TBS. That's unfair to Johnny Depp.


KU got housed on Saturday night, by 'Nova. The Wildcats set a Final Four record of most 3s made in a single game.

But hey... it was a great season. So proud of my Jayhawks. Big 12 regular season and conference tournament champs... Final Four...

My dad would have enjoyed this KU season. He'd be wearing a 2018 Final Four hat right now, guaranteed.


Is it raining, is it snowing... is a hurricane a blow-ing...?


Grilled burgers and dogs today. "Freshened up" a T-bone steak. Then I got inspired and threw a slab of ribs on the old Weber.

We'll see. It's fun to burn meat over fire.

The caveman instinct in me remains impressed by the ability to master fire.


Read Thanos Quest today. It was surprisingly good.

It goes on eBay in a few weeks.


Adieu, adieu, adieu...

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Dad is the funniest

The kids show off some of Dad's Amazing Spider-Mans.
I told Boyd, "smile like you're the Chameleon!" He nailed it.
You all know this to be true. Dad... me... Seth -- I am the funniest Jones.

But there are some Joneses (all of them) who think they are the funniest. Which is kind of cute, because at least one of those Joneses (we're not naming names) actually isn't funny. 

But, OK.


Rocky the Goldfish died today. RIP Rocky the Goldfish.

You were the first and only fish the Jones family has ever owned. It was by happenstance -- a school project sent home that Mom couldn't say no to -- that brought you into our lives.

You fluttered around your 2-liter bottle for about a month or so. You bonded with Koko. You blinked a lot.

You were... a Jones.

And you made everyone in the family -- for a few weeks, anyway -- not the least funny Jones. 

RIP Rocky the Goldfish.


Evey's play, "Murder at the Malt Shop" is Friday and Saturday at the middle school. 7 p.m. and 3 p.m. Tickets are $5. Don't miss out!!!


We had battle of the books today. It was actually kind of fun for once.

I go to have lunch with Evey and three classmates once a month, and I encourage them to read books. I'm not much of a motivator. Evey and her classmate Connor read books. The other two? Well...

Today we were eating and chatting, and Evey mentioned that something was "spicy."

"You think everything is spicy!" her classmate cried out. "The other day we ate this, and you said, 'it's spicy!' and then we ate that, and you said, 'spicy!'"

The other kid chimed in, "I don't think you know the difference between spicy and minty," and everyone nodded. I had to laugh, and gave the kids knuckles.

30 minutes later I asked the kids to each tell me about the most recent book they read. When it was Evey's turn, she said her book was "SO SAD! This character died... and then this bad thing happened...!"

And I said, "yeah.... but was it spicy?"

The kids all howled. Except for Evey.


I grilled t-bone steaks, baked potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner tonight. We ate like kings!

Midway through the meal I got up from my chair to grab some butter, or something. 

Bub jumped in my seat and started impersonating me. "I'm the daddy! I'm the boss. You do what I say!"

It was a weak impersonation. However, one thing was spot-on.

"Boyd, I don't sound like that," I said. "But with that piece of potato stuck to your forehead? At least you look like me."

This caused one Jones to laugh so hard she tooted.

Dad is the funniest.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Monday night out!

Well this was fun! Will was in town (he lives in Nairobi now) for a few days, and Judy watched the kids so we could take him to KC to see Jess and Sean. Here's a great pic of the five of us together at Turn 2, the upstairs bar at Hollywood Casino. That's the Kansas Speedway in the background.


Evey is working hard, getting ready for her performance next Friday and Saturday. Murder at the Malt Shop... 7 p.m. next Friday, 3 p.m. next Saturday -- mark your calendars!


Boyd's soccer team had its second practice. Boyd has a few classmates on the team. My first impression: they're going to be pretty good! We'll see how the other teams grew up since last fall, but the kids we got, a few of them look a little stronger and faster. Definitely taller.

League play begins March 31st.


K-State advances to the Elite Eight! Wow! Didn't expect them to hang with Kentucky, but instead they kept a small lead most of the game. Happy for the Wildcats!


I wish I was funnier this evening, but I'm exhausted from a LONG day. We take the magazine to press tomorrow. I told the family, soccer practice was good for me today because it allowed me to get outside and clear my mind a little. Too much focus on magazine pages today.

I'll be ready for the KU game tomorrow!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Boyd's first comic book!

 Boyd is doing a good job reading... he's not as advanced of a reader as his sister was at this age (but I mean, c'mon, seriously), but he's doing good.

If I'm going to give Evey a compliment on something she did great in comparison to her brother, than let me also do the same for Bub. I'd say he's get a better sense of humor at this age. Kid can bust you up out of nowhere, you won't even see it coming.

Take for example his comic book he created. He was working on it this morning without any prompting. Asked for the stapler. Then he was done.

"It's going to be kind of weird," Boyd said, "because it's about Dad tooting."

Sure enough, Boyd's two-page comic is about his dad's bad gas. It's called "When Dad Toots."

Thanks buddy! But I got to admit... it made me laugh.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Justice League visits Eudora Elementary School

EUDORA, Kan. — After an intense battle with the three-eyed menace known as Despero in Kansas City's warehouse district, four founding members of the Justice League of America made a visit to Mrs. Cunningham's kindergarten class at Eudora Elementary School.

"We wanted to let the kids know that we're not going to let the forces of evil disrupt their learning," Superman said. "Also, we have a friend locally who has an awesome garage office along with a pretty sweet comic collection, so we stopped by to say hi. Unfortunately, his Shinobi arcade game was busted, but he says he'll have it fixed for next time."

Eudora kindergartner Boyd Jones noted that the super hero visit was "pretty cool," but got a laugh when he told the heroes that the "Guardians of the Galaxy movies are way better" than any of the films about members of the Justice League.

Local parent Seth Jones said he was happy the heroes took the time to say hello to some local fans.

"I told Bruce — I mean, uh, Batman — that it wouldn't kill him to see some kids that weren't sidekicks," Jones said. "Also, Green Arrow owed me $50, so now we're even."

5th grade student Evey Jones was seen angrily walking into the 5th grade pod. It turns out she is not a fan of Despero, but instead was upset that the heroes didn't visit her class when she was in

"Just like Mom and Dad never got lunch with me... did Wonder Woman ever pop into my class?" she asked. "No way! Just Boyd's class!!!"

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Picture day!

Check out how cool my kids are... it was picture day today, and they looked GOOD!

Boyd insisted on wearing a tie, so I helped him with his clip-on a little this morning. Evey chose her own outfit, but then it was cool that she had mom help her curl her hair. Both kids looked dy-no-mite. When I went and picked them up from school today I had to tell them to chill for a second so I could get a photo. Boyd struggled with the sun a little bit, but I got a decent pic.


We got the garage mostly put back together on Saturday. Foosball was back in effect. Then me and B.J. played mini-pool. Then we invited the girls down to play Uno on the felt table.

Someone suggested we make it a team game, adding a new spin to the game. Parents versus kids. The only problem was we were sitting Adro, Boyd, Evey, me. So inevitably someone would have to do damage to a teammate. 

As cute as Boyd is, this concept failed him. Next time we'll sit parent, kid, parent, kid.

And yet... the kids won. Boyd 5, Adro 2, Seth 2. 

Boyd wasn's as excited about winning all 5 of his team's games as he was that him and Sis won overall. Evey was chill and happy to hang and listen to the music.

I'm glad the garage is back.


New dish tonight. Shredded barbecue chicken sandwiches.

A new dish is a big deal around here because I've been playing it safe for the last few years. We might have a new winner, people!

Next up: soul food style mac n cheese, in these amazing new soup dishes we bought.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

2018 Ice Storm

Took this shot on Sunday afternoon when Adrianne was showing Evey her family tree, after Aunt Jessica asked me if I still had my family tree.


Cool day today. Adrianne woke me up around 6 a.m. and said "no school today!" I asked why and she said, "Ice storm!"

Sure enough, the weatherman nailed it. At 7 a.m. there was freezing rain and even lightning. It was a good storm.

It was interesting because despite the fact that school was cancelled, both kids were up early hanging out and watching the weather.


As much as I brag about Boydee, let me say this: he's awful to eat dinner with.

Takes forever. Flip-flops around. Gets mashed potatoes on his elbow. Talks with his mouth full.

I told him today that me and Evey were going to test him and pretend like we were strangers, see how he does. Then he got up and walked away from the table. "Can I spank him?" I asked. Then he complained about tomatoes on dinner!

My dad woulda smacked my ass... be careful Boyd... your time might be coming soon...

Monday, February 19, 2018

Hello, this dish is Inigo Montoya. Prepare to dine!

So the poll is over, and "Inigo Montoya" won, with two votes.

That was Adrianne's name. The dish commonly known as goulash in other houses will now be known as Inigo Montoya in the Jones household.

Evey's name was "Smoky Mountains" (with one vote), mine was "Despacito" (with one vote) and Boyd's was "Dad's Delicious Dinner" (zero votes.)

And yes, Adrianne managed to vote for her name twice, Evey voted for her name once and I voted for my name once. Boyd did not vote because he's 6 and really doesn't care.

Evey was mad for a minute about Mom's two votes, but I reminded her that I told her to "vote early and often." If we do another vote, I expect Evey to utilize the school computers more...


Just watched the Jayhawks shellack the Sooners... by 30-some points.

We go to Tech on Saturday. Winner leads the Big 12 outright with only two games remaining. Pumped!!!


Cute moment tonight: when there is a movie that Boyd and I both like (like tonight, The Incredibles) Boydee doesn't hesitate to hop in my lap and watch the movie from that vantage point.

He's in kindergarten, and the watch-a-movie-from-Dad's-lap days are numbered. But it warms my heart. It's a cool age for a parent.

I was so enamored with the moment — my little guy on my lap, my big girl stretched out on the couch listening to music — that I grabbed my phone and tried to snap a quick photo. The first photo, that I had framed perfectly? Numbskull Koko-Kokonuts-Chupacabra Jones photo bombed it! Can't even see Evey Jones!

I snapped another one but Boyd is falling out of frame and Koko is still trying to figure out what I'm doing with my phone...


Koko is sleeping right next to me as I type. She's a good girl. Slept here next to me during the whole KU game.

And one point she spasmed in her sleep, or something, and it startled me because I forgot she was lying next to me.

She's doing it again right now. Her front paws are twitching back and forth as she sleeps. Must be dreaming. Maybe a nightmare? About chupacabras.


I was informed today by the accounting department that I may no longer buy bottles of water at the gas station. Bottled water! Seriously! 

Why?? Because it costs $1 at the gas station... and I can grab a bottle from the house for 7 cents!

But Seth, you say, how are you supposed to grab a water from your house when you're traveling for work? Oh, no, sorry... by accounting department I mean Adrianne. Adrianne informed me this evening that a bottle of water should either be grabbed from the house, or maybe I can fill a water bottle before I leave the house.

Then she told me I'm doing a good job with my expenses, and that she wasn't mad, just trying to figure out all the expenses on the credit card... to which I replied, "Well if feels like an inquisition!"


The kids had the day off school today, and so did I.

It was a good day. Overcast. Quiet. I made ham and cheese omelettes for breakfast, than got inspired to use the new wok Judy got for us for Christmas and I made beef fried rice for lunch. It turned out good, not as good as Judy's, but good.

Then I watched the end of the All-Star game while the kids played on their computers/tablets.

Judy came over in the afternoon and I went in and snuck in a few hours of work, trying to get ahead of the game for tomorrow...


Saturday, for the West Virginia game, I went out early with Sean and we hit Louise's West, then Rick's. Then Ted came out, we lost at LRC and decided to head to Red Lyon, where we saw Ryno and Shane. It was like the old days.

I didn't close the bar down but I may have hit it a little too hard. Why do I say that? I woke up at 5:30 a.m. on the couch downstairs, fully clothed but freezing my ass off, with Mexican HBO on the TV.

Interesting that when I'm that intoxicated I can comprende Spanish HBO no problemo.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Bubster with Lucky Dog

 Here's a fun photo I got of Boyd with Jessica's dog Lucky. Boyd likes hanging with Lucky... she's a good dog!


You know where your tongue connects to the bottom of your mouth?

Is it possible to hurt that? I think I hurt that. I thought I bit the bottom of my tongue, just sitting here looking at the computer like an idiot... then I realized I have no teeth that can reach that specific area... so what the heck! How is that even possible?


The recent school shooting in Florida has been tough to observe. I clicked on to CNN twice today. I quietly cried in my office twice today.

The sick thought I had this afternoon as I took the dog for a walk and saw that the neighbor had his flag at half-mast: for 17 people, mostly under the age of 18, Wednesday's school lunch was their last meal.

School lunch should never, ever be someone's last meal. So sad.


We bought tickets to see The Head and the Heart with Grouplove, Starlight Theatre, May 29. You should join us!


I bought a comic on eBay recently... something I haven't done in a while.

I bought Green Lantern # 44. Got it for $21. Gil Kane cover, from 1966.

Looking forward to receiving it. Hopeful it's in good condition... the images on the auction were impressive.

I love old Gil Kane GLs. His brief stint on Spider-Man was great too. He did the covers around issue 100 on Amazing, including the Ka-Zar covers.

My favorite comic book artists, as of right now:

1. Steve Ditko
2. Jack Kirby
3. John Buscema
4. Mike Zeck
5. Gil Kane
6. Mike Mignola
7. Duncan Fegredo
8. Neal Adams
9. Jim Steranko
10. Ron Garney

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My dear Valentine

Nice W by the Jayhawks tonight. The difference was Lagerald Vick. He looked like he had played basketball before, which was a big difference.

I know what he's going through. I never played to his level, but there were times when the basketball felt alien in your hands. Then, a week later, it's a big ol' bucket.

Confidence, maybe. I think it's deeper than that.


Had a dream about Dad last night. We were outside grilling, and the neighbor's son drove through his garage, busting through the house.

I was grilling corn (with lots of chili powder) and chicken breasts. I have a Spangles tray I use to hold the meat when I pull it off the grill. It's plastic. For some reason, I placed this tray on the grill, and it made me panic. I thought I burned the corn. I put the fire out.

Turns out the chicken was still raw in the middle. So I tried to get the fire going again.

Pretty sure Dad laughed at me at this point then told me to trade in the truck. But I told him I want to drive it a little longer. He told me to get a used truck. I shrugged him off.

He looked good in my dream, and I didn't know he was gone. We were in our old driveway in Mulvane. Jack Shields was the neighbor, but the car that was wrecked was in my current neighbor's house.


Boyd had a big stack of stuff in his backpack. Adrianne was in San Antonio. He told me it was time to review the contents of his backpack.

BJ dumped out his backpack. Instantly I was discouraged. Not because there was a lot, or because it was disorderly... but because I HATE paperwork. Ask Adrianne. It gives me the chills.

In short: I would rather talk to you about what you need and when you need it... then get a sheet of red copy paper rife with misspellings that meanders between AP style and modern English.

But I found some cool stuff in the stack, including the art you see here. Yes, there was also the notification of lice in the classroom (so happy to have a boy who keeps his hair short) and the book orders... but also these cool pieces of art.

If Evey had done this art, I would have done a 1,000-word post on how brilliant my daughter is.

Now that we're on child No. 2, you get, "Boyd doesn't have lice!"


You couldn't see me but I just did the RUN THE JEWELS hand sign and in my mind it was BADASS.

Man, I miss me. Where've I been?

Oh, yeah...


Sunday, February 11, 2018