Saturday, May 23, 2015

Racquetball partners

On Evey's last day of 2nd grade, we played golf... And racquetball!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sliding home safely

Ready to get home tomorrow! Been a fun week in Charlotte, but I miss my family!


Boyd bounced back from whatever bug he had on Sunday/Monday. Back to his ornery self.


Fun watching the NBA Lottery with Lervik tonight. Sadly, I'm so beat, I can't make the end of the Warriors/Rockets game! I'm getting old.

But we do have a 6:45 a.m. departure time to get to the golf course, so...


I gave a speech today. Went a little too fast with the presentation, but I think I did OK.

In hindsight, I should have practiced it a little more beforehand. I'll try to make up for that next time.


I got the kids cool presents today. For Evey, a travel bingo game, for Boydee, a ball that "bounces" on water. Plus, they gift-wrapped them for me for free.

I think the Bingo game will be useful on our upcoming San Francisco flight, and the ball will be good for pool season... which is right around the corner.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Crazy for feelings

Great weekend here, hope yours was stellar too.


Highlight of the weekend: Perfect weather outside. Yard freshly mowed. Adrianne sitting down with a beer in the grass, taking a break from working on the flowerbeds. Kids playing in some Dollar Store water mat (it was like wack-a-mole meets slip-and-slide.)

The kids were so happy, I was relieved to be finished with my yard work, Adrianne looked happy.

Yes, this was my highlight of the weekend. Which is saying something, considering I saw Willie Nelson and Beck on the stage together at the same time at Starlight Theatre this weekend!


Amazing show, Beck. I have to say this was pretty much the last guy on my bucket list to see. I crossed off Soundgarden and Radiohead long ago. It was down to Beck.

It was worth the wait. Bart and Lynette got the tickets, and they were good ones -- center section, midway up.

Getting into the venue was an absolute cluster. But Beck was as good as i hoped he'd be.


Boyd got sick this weekend, and now we're fighting a recurrent temperature. Adrianne plans on taking him to the doctor's office tomorrow.

Prediction: ear infection for Boyd. Lousy customer service for Adrianne and Boyd.


I read a book this weekend! Who-hoo!

I just don't read for leisure much these days. I feel like instead of reading, I could be writing.

But I finished "The Keeper," an autobiography of Tim Howard, U.S. Men's National Team goalie.

It was OK, not great. An easy read.


We added Netflix streaming.

The winner so far? Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, from the early '80s.

I'm pretty sure everyone in the house enjoys this show.

OK, maybe not Snickers.  

Friday, May 15, 2015

They match!

  • Photo from the Evansville kids museum again. Boyd loves it when his silverware matches his plate, cup, etc. He loves it when anything matches anything. He doesn't get that from me, because I rarely match.
  • Boyd visited Montisori School today. He liked it, according to Adro.
  • Had some guys over to watch the games tonight. New guys, my assistants from both soccer teams. Good times, good guys.
  • Boyd has been very good for the past two days. Does it become a habit after three days?
  • Highlight of the night: As we're sitting there chatting and watching the game, Boyd sprinted through the downstairs living room wearing his Batman pajamas (complete with Bat-cape). No one really made any comment, so he did it again. On try two, he had made a few fans! Nice job Boydee. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What's cooking?

  • Written while working on an assignment, fueled by Captain Morgan and Harvey Danger.
  • Had our last soccer games of the season on Saturday. Evey rifled a goal off a PK. (I hooked up other kids all season, I pulled Evey off the D-line to take the PK. She had the biggest foot all season. Deserved it.) Boyd played goalie in the 4th quarter of his game, and made one save, and gave up only one goal. A great end to the season.
  • Thrill of the day: when my wife alluded to reading something I wrote. Most of my writing is in a void. To hear my wife read this? The woman I love read my stuff, unprompted? Author's nirvana.
  • Boyd trash-talked me tonight. I'm working late on an assignment, and he walked into the basement two hours past bedtime and cackled, "I'm not tired, Dad. YOU'RE TIRED."
  • Yes, Boyd cackles. Sometimes he screeches, too.
  • Annika Sorenstam retweeted Golfdom tonight, so that's something.
  • Above photo taken from Evansville, Ind.'s children's museum.
  • This site is still alive. Best not mixed with rum and Elliott Smith:
  • Here's that thing Adro read. It's not much, but it includes me pointing at a sausage.
  • Evey's last day of 2nd grade is tomorrow. She's excited. And she's such a good kid at school.
  • "How good is she?" They had a 'pop party' at school but they only offered Dr. Pepper and Coke. Evey has only drank Sprite/Sierra Mist. So rather than going adventurous, she had water.
  • "How good is she?" She did marathon club, and she narrowly missed winning the T-shirt because she started second semester. But the teacher, who was in charge of T-shirts but didn't really know Evey, brought her one anyway, and told her that she was close enough. I told Evey: random teachers don't do that for Cameron or Konnor... you've got to be a good kid for a teacher to go out of his/her way to look out for you...
  • "How good is she?" She asked me to remove her full-length mirror from her room yesterday, because she really doesn't use it, doesn't care about how beautiful she is (and she is so beautiful.)
  • Boyd made a save at his soccer game on Saturday, btw. Did I mention that yet? Oh... dang...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Chalk appreciation for the teachers

The school organized an event for teacher appreciation week that had Evey and I coloring on the school's sidewalks today.

It was fun and made my day. We did two, a Jayhawk and a Batman. For some, sidewalk chalk is checkers, for me and Evey, it's chess.

Evey was excited that the principal took our photo... That was a really big deal to her. Reminds me of that age when your teachers/coaches were the biggest celebrities.

My guess is that our sidewalk chalk projects get pretty big this summer...

Friday, May 1, 2015

Me+ my boss

I'm lucky, my boss is also my friend .

Also... We look cool.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Good times at the range

Took Evey to the driving range today. Carol (I think that's her name -- Jeff's wife) asked me if I had two daughters.

"No, girl and a boy."


That's when I realized why she was asking. It had been 6 months or so since she had seen Evey... And yeah, she's really shot up.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Shining star

Evey was the "shining star" at school this week, which means she got to tell her class all about herself. I asked Evey how it went, she said good, that the class had a lot of questions. About what? About Snickers.

Tomorrow is Evey's First Communion, so I'll get some good photos hopefully. Evey is dreading the experience and I kinda feel her pain...

Friday, April 17, 2015

Ride with me

Evey and Boydee on the horse ride in front of the Antique Mall. Actually worth the 50 cents, I decided!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Play ball!

Good news: Boyd is doing better with the soccer team. He is no all-star or anything, but he does run a lot and gets in a kick or two.

His biggest problem is one of the girls on the team has taken a liking to him... And she wants to hold his hand during the game... And Boydee assumes this is a part of the game... So I have to yell, "Boyd!!! Brooklyn!!! PLAY SOCCER!!!"

Our last game we lost something like 10-0, so we really could use their help...

Friday, April 10, 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Flat Stanley

Went to the Alamo! And now he's at Eudora Elementary! Great job Evey! (And nice point!)

Monday, March 30, 2015

First double-header soccer Saturday

Was a success in that no one got hurt! And Boydee played! And Evey played hard!

But an 0-2 start, yeah. Tres Mex for comfort food afterwards.