Monday, January 15, 2018

Now that's what I call Saturday (Vol. 2,116)

It's Saturday night as I'm typing this... I've got NIN on the big screen downstairs, with the new sound system slightly loud.

Thought I'd recap my excellent Saturday.

Well, first, let me back up — me and Adro went out on Friday night with Bill and Billie Jo, to the Heart GCSA party at Arrowhead. They had a casino night... Adro was hot at blackjack and stacked up some chips for us... it was enough to win a bottle of Tito's vodka from the raffle! Nice job, Adro.

I'm lousy at blackjack. Too much math. I prefer poker, it's a different system to me, one I better understand.
Boyd is really excited to see this movie.

Anyway, Saturday morning we woke up feeling fine, kids slept in a little bit with Grandma Judy downstairs. Adro bought some sausage links so I made eggs and sausage links* (not a typical breakfast here at the Casa de Jones) and then we got ready real quick and hustled out the door because we had MOVIE TICKETS...

Adro and Evey went to see Wonder. Boyd and I went to see Ferdinand (an animated movie with a bull, voiced by John Cena.) Evey was super-excited to take her mom to see this movie. Aunt Jessica gave Sis the book for Christmas and she just devoured it... so she has actually been reading the book aloud to Adrianne when time allows.

Boyd and I enjoyed our movie, it was a little slow in the beginning but it had a fun third reel. Boyd thought the whole thing was "awesome" so that's cool. Adrianne gave Wonder a "10" and Evey gave it a "7" I think (which means she liked the book better, I think.) But everyone was happy with their movie choices (I was mostly happy I didn't have to go hide my tears at Wonder.)

** Please note, the music has changed: Rage Against the Machine live at Finsbury Park — yes Adro I do still watch these off the DVR! **

** Random aside: I'm really looking forward to Saturday Night Live tonight, since they haven't had a new episode in two weeks. And in that time, Donald Trump has thrown around the term "shithole countries" liberally and had a book published (Fire and Fury) that he suggested should be pulled from shelves... **

For some reason Bub and I didn't get any previews for our movie. Despite both movies starting at 10:30 a.m. (yeah we like the early movies... they're cheaper and there's no crowd and you still have your whole day ahead of you) Bub and I got out about 30 minutes earlier than the girls (I asked customer service.) So I grabbed a tall Miller Lite, and $5 in arcade tokens, and me and the Bubster started racin'!

It's a $1.00 to get the game going, but 50 cents to continue... so we kept continuing for a while. That was just a blast. Then the girls got out so I let Evey take my seat... eventually, somehow, we broke the first machine (the screen went black) so we moved over to Galaga to finish...

Left the theater then went grocery shopping together (not the highlight of the day but we needed the groceries) so the girls did most of the work while Bub and I dinked around the grocery store. Eventually we ended up on a bench, Bub playing games on my phone, me reading the new Sports Illustrated.

Home, we ate lunch (courtesy of Price Choppa... chicken tenders, mac n cheese, and I got a $6 cup of chicken tortilla soup!)

((It should be mentioned the chicken tortilla soup was excellent, worth the $6, even though it might have been an impulse purchase not approved by the family accountant.))
This is what happened after I bought $6 chicken tortilla soup.
Please note: this is a movie stand-up, not my actual arms.
But it looks kinda convincing, eh?

(((The best thing about Price Choppa??? They have Five Alive!!! We have three or four frozen containers in the freezer right now!!! I think I'll make some soon and mix it with the aforementioned bottle of Tito's!!!)

Adro and Boyd took a well deserved nap while I went downstairs and watched the KU-KSU game (which I recorded and managed to avoid any spoilers, despite getting texts from four different friends about the game, during the game.) I'll admit I hit pause and napped for about 15 minutes during this time... just got tired. But I finished the game and was surprised to see we pulled one out. Glad Bruce Weber doesn't know how to manage the end of a game, that helped us. We're going to get destroyed in Morgantown on Monday... and we'll lose another game or two in Allen this year if we don't get it together...

And then I cracked open a cold beer and started watching NIN, a little sports... RATM... and now, the kids are coming down and we're going to play the "Headbands" game we got for Christmas, which has a superhero theme... that should be interesting!

** OK, the Marvel Head-Bands game is over, it was pretty good! Evey won the first game, Bub and Evey tied for first on the next game. Lot's of cool Marvel characters, but some characters that they don't know... like Black Bolt, Taskmaster, Elektra... **

Queens of the Stone Age at Austin City Limits on now. Solid.

Kids baked cookies. I'm telling you... my 2,116th Saturday was solid.

*Except for when the eggs and sausage links made me sick to my stomach. That was awful.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Evey finishes in 2nd place tie at the spelling bee

Email sent to several co-workers on Thursday morning:

Morning everyone,

That’s my daughter Evey on the far right in the attached photo… she tied for second place in the school spelling bee yesterday! 

The final round went on and on and on… either all three would get their words correct, all would get them wrong, or one would get the word correct and the other two wrong — giving one kid a chance to win it all with one more correct word. Each kid eventually got a shot at a championship word, the boy got his word right and won. (His championship word was clandestine. Evey’s was propaganda.)

I know I’m biased but Evey really put on a show for a few rounds… she kept getting 20-point Scrabble words while the other two kids were getting lay-ups. When she nailed taxidermy and then boisterously in back-to-back rounds the room went crazy (all 3rd, 4th and 5th graders attended.)

And yes, I was extremely stressed out during those last few rounds! It was intense! We took Evey out to dinner last night to celebrate. We decided 2nd place was just about ideal, because she performed exceptionally in the spelling bee… and we have the added bonus of us not having to relive that stress at the next level!

Thanks for letting me brag!

Proud Dad

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

It's 2018

 Hola amigos. Sorry I've been quiet for a while.

2017 had a disjointed ending for me... I went to Cleveland to NCM HQ the week before Christmas... so I went straight from Omaha to Cleveland. I got back on Friday 12/22 and called my sister to let her know I was back in Kansas (a tradition leftover from when I'd call my mom not when I left, but when I returned, so she wouldn't worry about me.)

Jess told me, "OK, great, we'll see you tomorrow!" I said, "Oh? What's going on tomorrow?" She said, "Uhh... isn't it Romero Christmas at Lupe's house?" I went, "Oh, shit!"

I just wasn't mentally prepared to have Christmas so soon. That week away really disoriented me. Omaha, Cleveland, then BOOM! Christmas. Off for a long holiday break.

Also, I got a new phone (an iPhone 8) and I haven't connected it to my work email yet. Often times I email photos from my phone and then go in and write around the photo on my laptop. But I've been unable to email photos with the new phone... so you get these three random, non-current photos from my laptop that I've probably posted to the blog before... but at least they're photos taken in warmer weather.

Things are good, though! We all had a great Christmas and a nice and quiet New Year's Eve. The kids go back to school tomorrow. Boyd is excited, Evey is not.

Aww, man... I was three posts away from 100 in 2017 before I went quiet there. Boo!!! Choked at the end of the year. 

I'll try to do better this year...

Monday, December 18, 2017

Introducing our Goddaughter!

Adro and I had the honor of serving as Godparents to Lydia this weekend! I even got to light a Godfather candle!

We are so proud of Lydia.... Thank you Brent and Rosalina for asking us to have this honor!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Congrats Evey, newest member of drama club!

Evey's 11th birthday party

Great news here at Casa de Jones... Evey tried out for, and made the cut, for Eudora Elementary Drama Club!

It was really a foregone conclusion... if you saw her perform the try-out speaking part, you'd know. She had it down, with the memorization, the body language, her tone... we were all really impressed with the preparation she did.

We'll let you know when there is a performance!

Congrats Evey!!!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Happy 11th birthday, Evey!

Happy birthday to my Evey Jones!!!

Sounds like she had an awesome day. The 5th graders sang "Happy Birthday" to her at lunch... she had a try-out for drama club that sounds like it went well... then we ended the evening at Tres Mexicanas, who only had one waiter while we were there... but we still got the sombrero and fried ice cream! (Surpassing our low expectations!)

Happy birthday Sis! Proud of you.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Evey addresses... SCHOOL BOARD

As a fifth grader, Evey and her class has started a newspaper... and they're doing great! Evey's teacher (Mr. Stadlaman) asked Evey if she would address the school board regarding this project. Watch and see. I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am. Evey is more business savvy at age 10 than many 30-year-olds!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

A JLA weekend

Pretty good weekend here. Lervik came and visited for a few days. I took the kids to see JLA Saturday morning. 

Boyd loved it, Evey and I weren't real happy with it.

Got a good photo with the team, though.


I'm trying to write something for work right now (not having much success) so I'll turn the blog over, for the first time ever... to Boyd Atticus!

Take it away Boydee!


Dad is weyrd
Dad has weird toots
Evey is luvubul
Coco is crazy
Mom is th best
Boyd is umazenr then dad

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Boyd & Dexter

These two dudes were happy to chill at Vail's 2nd birthday party... And they are looking forward to bigger birthday partys soon!!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween, 2017

Really fun Halloween here in Eudora... despite the cold, cold weather (snow flurries around 5 p.m.)

Evey went as a Day of the Dead person... Boyd was Dash and I was Mr. Incredible... and Regan hung out with us again this year and she was a unicorn.

I was excited to open the garage for trick or treaters, then less excited when the weather was lousy. But when Judy and Virginia came over, I tried to make it happen... got the space heater, a few blankets, and you know what? It wasn't that bad in the garage! Adrianne played Halloween music on the bluetooth speaker, had an animated Halloween movie on the flatscreen... it was a cool spot!

I think everyone was happy. An abbreviated evening, based on the weather. I wonder if Evey will participate next year? This might have been my last year taking both kids... how crazy would that be? But I get it.

I know Boyd will be excited for Halloween next year, as a 1st grader. But I wonder if Evey will be interested...?

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hello? That you?

Busy weekend here. GOOD WEEKEND HERE.

Saturday we barely left the house but were busy all day. Just chores and such. Finished the day with Uno in the garage, then movie night.

Sunday, kids went to church with mom while I worked around the house. The to-do list was DESTROYED but now it's 830 and I can barely keep my eyes open.

(I did take time for a quick cruise in the Impala, to the Lawrence Brewery. Good beer, great atmosphere, bad service.)

Tomorrow, I'm doing my first 'Watch Dog' volunteer service at EES. All day long. Literally took a day of vacation.

Wish me luck...

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Celebrated 11 years of marriage... end of soccer... round of golf, hit the pin on No. 2, ended with a birdie on No. 9... KU vs. Mizzou with Rockhold... hanging with Teresa and Ted... big storms... lunch in the garage... Buckhunter with Boyd... haircuts... science experiments... dinner at Free State... grilled steaks...


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Big kid

Came with me to a friend's little league football game... got in trouble for opening then truck's tailgate on his own.... volunteered mom and Evey to come with us to see the haunted yard....

While we were walking downtown, a parent whose kid we used to coach saw Boyd and said, "Wow, he's getting big!"

He gets in trouble sometimes. But he's a good big kid.