Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Congrats Evey, newest member of drama club!

Evey's 11th birthday party

Great news here at Casa de Jones... Evey tried out for, and made the cut, for Eudora Elementary Drama Club!

It was really a foregone conclusion... if you saw her perform the try-out speaking part, you'd know. She had it down, with the memorization, the body language, her tone... we were all really impressed with the preparation she did.

We'll let you know when there is a performance!

Congrats Evey!!!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Happy 11th birthday, Evey!

Happy birthday to my Evey Jones!!!

Sounds like she had an awesome day. The 5th graders sang "Happy Birthday" to her at lunch... she had a try-out for drama club that sounds like it went well... then we ended the evening at Tres Mexicanas, who only had one waiter while we were there... but we still got the sombrero and fried ice cream! (Surpassing our low expectations!)

Happy birthday Sis! Proud of you.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Evey addresses... SCHOOL BOARD

As a fifth grader, Evey and her class has started a newspaper... and they're doing great! Evey's teacher (Mr. Stadlaman) asked Evey if she would address the school board regarding this project. Watch and see. I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am. Evey is more business savvy at age 10 than many 30-year-olds!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

A JLA weekend

Pretty good weekend here. Lervik came and visited for a few days. I took the kids to see JLA Saturday morning. 

Boyd loved it, Evey and I weren't real happy with it.

Got a good photo with the team, though.


I'm trying to write something for work right now (not having much success) so I'll turn the blog over, for the first time ever... to Boyd Atticus!

Take it away Boydee!


Dad is weyrd
Dad has weird toots
Evey is luvubul
Coco is crazy
Mom is th best
Boyd is umazenr then dad

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Boyd & Dexter

These two dudes were happy to chill at Vail's 2nd birthday party... And they are looking forward to bigger birthday partys soon!!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween, 2017

Really fun Halloween here in Eudora... despite the cold, cold weather (snow flurries around 5 p.m.)

Evey went as a Day of the Dead person... Boyd was Dash and I was Mr. Incredible... and Regan hung out with us again this year and she was a unicorn.

I was excited to open the garage for trick or treaters, then less excited when the weather was lousy. But when Judy and Virginia came over, I tried to make it happen... got the space heater, a few blankets, and you know what? It wasn't that bad in the garage! Adrianne played Halloween music on the bluetooth speaker, had an animated Halloween movie on the flatscreen... it was a cool spot!

I think everyone was happy. An abbreviated evening, based on the weather. I wonder if Evey will participate next year? This might have been my last year taking both kids... how crazy would that be? But I get it.

I know Boyd will be excited for Halloween next year, as a 1st grader. But I wonder if Evey will be interested...?

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hello? That you?

Busy weekend here. GOOD WEEKEND HERE.

Saturday we barely left the house but were busy all day. Just chores and such. Finished the day with Uno in the garage, then movie night.

Sunday, kids went to church with mom while I worked around the house. The to-do list was DESTROYED but now it's 830 and I can barely keep my eyes open.

(I did take time for a quick cruise in the Impala, to the Lawrence Brewery. Good beer, great atmosphere, bad service.)

Tomorrow, I'm doing my first 'Watch Dog' volunteer service at EES. All day long. Literally took a day of vacation.

Wish me luck...

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Celebrated 11 years of marriage... end of soccer... round of golf, hit the pin on No. 2, ended with a birdie on No. 9... KU vs. Mizzou with Rockhold... hanging with Teresa and Ted... big storms... lunch in the garage... Buckhunter with Boyd... haircuts... science experiments... dinner at Free State... grilled steaks...


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Big kid

Came with me to a friend's little league football game... got in trouble for opening then truck's tailgate on his own.... volunteered mom and Evey to come with us to see the haunted yard....

While we were walking downtown, a parent whose kid we used to coach saw Boyd and said, "Wow, he's getting big!"

He gets in trouble sometimes. But he's a good big kid.

Show me the world as I love to see it

Attention people of earth: there is no good reason for the photos in this post other than as a reminder to my own self (and ego) that I once caught a 5-foot barracuda deep sea fishing off the Atlantic coast of Florida.

I would like to go deep sea fishing again someday. Someday I will.


Do me (and yourself) a favor: put on good headphones (or find a good sound system, where you can turn it up) and put on the third track of Radiohead's OK Computer, "Subterranean Homesick Alien." If you don't get Radiohead, this track will not only help you see the light, but it will lift your entire spirit. 

No drugs needed. The music itself is all you need, to take you away from this planet.

If you are ever at my house and would like me to help you with this, we can do it in person, we'll play it on the jukebox and just be quiet for a minute. It's the kind of peace we all need in our current America.

(A lot of the rest of the album is terrifying, btw.)


I'm going to see the Gordon Hayward broken leg injury in my mind for the rest of my life. Dammit, I was really looking forward to seeing how that kid was going to play in Boston. He's an ideal Celtic... and just a great player, playing for his old college coach. That Butler team almost upset Duke. Hayward almost hit that half-court shot to pull off the upset... I hope it's not a career ender.

That's the rough part of sports, when the big storylines get interrupted by reality. This rarely happens in pro wrestling, and happens even less often in the telenovellas.


So we had the kids' parent/teacher conferences today.

Evey again was raved about. Straight As. Excellent reader. Attentive student. Demonstrates the proper "life skills" needed to succeed.

So proud of her. I don't know how a 5th grader can be so studious and mindful, but that's Evey. Happy that she's doing so good!

Boyd also had a really good review. Academically he's one of the best in the class. His counting and reading is beyond the kindergarten level.

The teacher reluctantly mentioned that there has been a time or two that Boyd wasn't good at sharing... but that didn't bother me (or her) much because as she mentioned... it's a bunch of boys in the class, and sometimes it gets a little competitive. 

Glad Boyd isn't passive. We'll work on the politeness later, when the rest of the boys have learned it as well.



Adrianne is really excited to read a book she saw reviewed in the LJW this week, called "The Hole." We asked Alexa for some direction on who wrote this book, but we weren't real clear on the author's name...

Anyway, Adro got it figured out and saw that she could order the book for $25, or buy it on the Amazon Kindle for $2. "Which one was is the Kindle 2?" she asked me.

Well, that's tough to answer. I mean, it turns out our Kindles have Kindles. Perhaps we're not as literary here in the Jones household as we like to think. Or perhaps we're related to an Amazon employee. Or maybe it's a combination of both?

But, good news, babe. I found "Kindle 2" and it's charged. Let me know how the book is.

Perhaps you'll listen to Subterranean Homesick Alien with me soon?


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Celebrating Jett & Boydee b-days

We had a great weekend and a highlight was going to my sister's place and celebrating Boyd's 6th birthday and Jett's 15th birthday!

If you don't mind... here's a recap of my stellar weekend...
Bart and I at QOTSA

QOTSA in action

Pixies at Midland


Friday started off with perhaps my most anticipated concert of the year... Queens of the Stone Age at the Crossroads in KC. 

I just battled with thousands in Chicago (at Riot Fest) to see them, and I bet I never got closer than 150 yards away. At Crossroads? I was maybe 30 yards away, and comfortable. Tickets were $40 plus service fees.

Bart and I hit the show and had a blast. Royal Blood opened. 


Saturday Boyd had a soccer game at 9 a.m. 

The other team had a lot of kids... and we had enough to field a team. But we dominated most of the game, and the kids played great. We even got Julian, the baby of the team, to play for a little bit.

Boyd was kicking the heck out of the ball, he's got a big foot and he's starting to enjoy using it. As coach, I'm encouraging him to let it fly. While he didn't score any of our three goals, he was arguably our best player on the field, as he's a defensive stopper.
Lip and I at Midland

Came home, Adrianne made an awesome breakfast. There were storms all over, but none of them materialized so Boyd and I hung out in the garage and outside. Eventually I got the courage to mow, and got the front and back mowed before the storms came that afternoon.

Judy took the kids to a play that afternoon. Adrianne and I chilled out at the house, eventually watching family YouTube videos in the garage while it dumped rain outside. I left the garage doors open... felt cool to be sitting in the garage enjoying TV while the weather was stormy right outside.

I got so sleepy Saturday night, I fell asleep while changing channels on the TV. Literally dropped the remote while my arm was outstretched. That woke me up and I went straight to bed. 


Sunday Adro and the kids went to church. I relaxed, then got busy.

Adrianne got Boyd a new bed, and the boxes had been sitting downstairs for almost a week. It was time to take them on.

Got the bed assembled (Pottery Barn, I think, and I give them a thumb's up!) and was picking up the tools when the family pulled up. Adrianne was excited that BJ's bed was done and wanted to work on his room... I chilled and watched NFL football in the garage.

After a little bit, we all went up to my sister's house for a FEAST, Mexican style. Celebrated Boyd and Jett's b-day. Drank a couple lime-a-ritas, which were better than I anticipated. Went on a little test drive with Jett, which was more harrowing than I anticipated. Then got dropped off at Johnny's to meet Lipford... and we were off to Pixies!

That was my third time seeing Pixies, fourth time seeing QOTSA. Both were great. 

Tough to compete with a weekend like that!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Garage sale!

Lemonade stand photo from October 2016.
Lemonade stand from October 2017.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Happy 6th birthday Boydee!

It was busy but we celebrated on Thursday AND Saturday. Boyd was so sleepy at the end of the day on Thursday that he fell asleep without even opening his gifts! We did it on Friday!