Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The strawberries are gnoshed

The kids wanted a snack on MLKJ day. Me and the kids were off, Adrianne had to work.

Evey suggested strawberries. A good, healthy snack!

The kids ate away. Boyd asked if he could throw his away because he was done. From a few feet away it looked like he had untouched strawberries in his bowl. "Boyd, can I have your leftover strawberries?" I asked. "Yeah Dad but I don't think you'll want them because they've been gnoshed."

I looked in his bowl, and sure enough, nerdo had take about one big bite out of each strawberry and left the rest behind!

Thanks Boyd!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Baby arm!

Wait a second... do I have a baby arm?!?

Well, still mad about the Chiefs game but happy the Jayhawks won in Ames. We've been watching a lot of sports in the "man cave" the last few days and guess who joined me?

Yup, Boydee Atticus. He's in. He likes the idea of shouting when you lose at Uno, shouting at random referees on TV, of munching chips with no regard for the crumbs.

We worked on the Jonesy high-five (perfected by me and a young Evey, when she still thought I was cool) as well as a "bro-hug" (which Boyd has down now.) Boydee also has a favorite track on the jukebox: 1813.

"Rock Chalk Chant."

Don't play 1318 -- speed metal.


We had several days off. Evey Jones reads this blog but I'll admit, at age 10, she'd rather read the back of a milk carton, or just tell her dad he's weird. 

The worm has turned here at the Jones house. I feel like Evey is just as likely to endorse my next idea as she is to throw it under the bus... also, I occasionally scare her now... she just thinks I'm weird. Sigh...

She still likes my cooking, but she's A-OK reading quietly or listening to Taylor Swift on her headphones. When I break in... I'm interrupting... which is new.

It was good while it lasted.


Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka died on Sunday. That was my guy when it came to pro wrestling. Always thought he was cooler than Hulk, Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior, etc.

We named our college band after Snuka: The Jimmy Snuka Heart Attack Band. 

At least it was stomach cancer at an old age that got Snuka, not a heart attack at a young age. Time waits for no one... though I think Snuka cheated it for a long time, based on his death-defying leaps.

S U P E R F L Y ! ! ! !


Glad we all survived ice-mageddon 2017.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stay off the roads

Thank God we cancelled school on Friday... Look what could have happened!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hard labor

After Boyd was in BIG TROUBLE for hiding on Christmas Day, I put him to hard labor as punishment!

Good job on recycling buddy!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Seth & Adro

I feel like "Seth & Adro" would be a good band name, if I was musically gifted all all. 

Seriously, what would I do? Play the triangle? Scream into the microphone?

Poor Adro... she's the only talented one on the new band, "Seth & Adro." She sings like a bird. Seriously, have you ever heard her sing? Birds are jealous. 

Ahh well. We have a good band name, at least. 


It was a really good Saturday today.

We started off with breakfast at the house, then I told everyone to just relax — we were in no hurry. So I started writing something for my fantasy football league (which I won, btw) and the kids did their thing. 

Next thing I knew, Adro was ready! She’s never the first one ready!

We headed to Lawrence. Boyd and I needed haircuts. 

Took the girls to Starbucks first, for whatever they buy at Starbucks. Then dropped them off at Sunfire Ceramics while BJ and I hit the barber shop. 

The barber shop went by quickly — BJ and I both look sharp, I think — then on to return some library books before hitting the Toy Store.

The kids had gift certificates. I had no interest in shopping at the Toy Store, a place that for some reason stresses me out. So Adro gave me the pass to go next door to Minsky’s to grab a beer.

It’s 1 pm on Saturday and I’m peacefully drinking Winter Ale while watching college basketball, while the kids were shopping for toys.


After an hour or so, they all came over. I got the appetizer cooking (ordered), then the pizza. The kids ate well, we were all happy. 

On to Raven book store for Evey and Adro, Quinton’s for me and Boyd.

If you haven’t been to Quinton’s upper level yet, check it out. 80s arcade games, cheap! And no one seems to go there, most of the times I’ve been there, it’s me and whoever I brought with me and no one else.

We played games for a bit, then headed home.

Adrianne got busy rearranging Evey’s room, I got busy watching KU basketball.

Talk about a good Saturday!


Friday was rough.

Work went by too fast (not enough completed in the work day) and then mid-afternoon I found out a guy I’ve known for 20 years is terminal. Then that airport shooting happened… and I got a call for my mom from some creditor… I just felt sick, all around. 

Adrianne and Boyd came home, and Adro was like, “what’s wrong?” and I just felt tired, overwhelmed. 

I’m glad Saturday was such a better day. Saturday was PERFECT.

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017: the year dreams are made

Weird. For some reason Blogger won't let me see what I'm writing unless I'm writing in BOLD.


Well, happy new year! I just looked back at my number of blog posts and I see that 2016 was my worst year blogging EVER, numbers-wise. Sorry. I didn't realize I was that far off my mark, actually. 

I'll try to pick up the pace in 2017. 100 should always be a goal. That's about nine posts a month, a reasonable clip. And sometimes it's as easy as emailing a photo. You don't always need my witty remarks, right?


Boydee had a birthday party for Claire and Charlie on New Year's Eve, at the bowling alley. Nice time.

But the highlight of the party came early, when Boyd was handed the note below, from the birthday girl. 

Boyd got home and we read the letter to his mom. Then Boydee gave her his "sly dog" look, below.

That's my boy!


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Boyd with his toy snakes

Boydee got these for Christmas.

Reminds me of a scene from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure...

Sunday, December 18, 2016

The weekend that was

How was your weekend? Ours was solid.


I got home from Cleveland Friday afternoon and was exhausted. Judy stayed home with Boyd because he was sick that day. We made some frozen pizzas and just relaxed... After too many nights in hotel rooms over the past two weeks, I was ready to get some sleep in my own bed.


Saturday I stayed home with Boyd while the girls (Adro, Evey and Judy) went out to get their nails done. That was the snow day. That morning I went to the grocery store to get stuff for breakfast. Then, later, Boyd and I made run # 2 to get stuff for vegetable beef stew. 

A lot of Uno was played during the day between Boydee and me, along with the Batman board game. Boyd drank from his snack/drink cup, mostly munching on crackers all day. Pretty chill day.

The snow started hitting and we just sort of watched it whole also watching college basketball. The OU game, then the UK/UNC game, then the KU/Davidson game.

I had concert tickets that night, but elected against going with the dangerous weather. The tickets were for Local Natives and Band of Horses. That's the second time I've missed Local Natives this year, guess I'm just not meant to see them in 2016.

It was so cold out on Saturday night (a wind chill of something like -10, right?) that we all snuggled up together and turned on the new episode of Saturday Night Live. By the end of the monologue, three out of four Joneses were asleep. 

I watched a little bit of Empire Strikes Back myself before going to bed. By midnight I took both kids to their own beds... just not enough room for the four of us, with the kids getting so big. 

At about 3 a.m. I heard the dog bark, and then I saw Boyd run from his room to our room. He was having a nightmare. He then bunked with us the rest of the night.


Sunday morning we all decided not to do anything — church for the wife and kids, basketball for me. Boyd slept in until almost 9:30 a.m., remarkably late for him.

I made breakfast biscuit sandwiches for everyone again. The vegetable beef stew was ready and waiting in the wings. Adrianne and Evey worked on wrapping presents all day while I cleaned up the basement, did laundry, organized some stuff, while watching football and listening to music on the jukebox (I'm a big multi-tasker.)

The veggie beef stew was for late lunch and dinner (accompanied with grilled cheese sammiches at dinner) and was a huge hit. Hardly any left!

Now Evey is baking cookies while Adro is getting ready for the week. Boyd's probably watching "Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer." The dog is asleep on the floor pillow next to me.


I only left the house twice all weekend (both to the local grocery store) and while I was frustrated about eating those concert tickets on Saturday night, it was a great weekend. Productive, quiet, relaxing. 

I'm shutting this down — Boyd just paged me on the intercom system and shouted, "THE COOKIES ARE READY!!!"  

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My favorite moment

From last weekend -- and there were a lot of good moments to choose from!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Evey's b-day party

Was a smashing success! And yet we didn't even break any ceramics!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016


What a great Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Boydee at the park

Took Boyd to two parks on Saturday. He also accompanied me on a trip to the auto parts store, the hardware store and the grocery store. 

He scored two toys, a "dino" and a hot wheels car, for hanging with me. It's a lot of fun to have Boyd hang with me on Saturday mornings... he does great staying close to me, but exploring at the same time. 

Also, Koko the dog joined us. She's always down for a ride in the truck...

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Boyd Jones Construction

There's a construction company in Omaha called BOYD JONES. I saw their signs all over a construction site when I was last up there in May.

The other day I emailed them and asked if they had a T-shirt, or anything I could buy, for my son who is named Boyd Jones.

They emailed back and said, "no sweat, we'll mail you something — and great name!"

Now Boyd has his hat with his own name on it. And he loves it!

Looking good, Boyd Jones!