Monday, November 23, 2015

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weekend adventure

Oh, man. I'm about 6 beers in, with 4 of those being 90 Shillings. Jayhawks just took a brutal L. And there's bad guys pinned down in Paris. Add on top of that, they just showed the video of the dad talking to his little 5-year-old about flowers vs. guns. GULP.


Took the kids on another adventure this weekend, this time it was just me and them and YES, we brought fishing poles. In fact, Boyd got out money from his piggy bank to buy his own pole.

That, to me, was a sign that we definitely needed to go fishing, even though I didn't think Boyd was mature enough for it yet. There's hooks involved in fishing, and I didn't want anyone taking one in the hand or worse because Boyd was too young to handle the responsibility of a fishing pole...

Well, we went to Walmart and found Boyd a fishing pole. It was $10. I told him to keep his money, that his Papa, my dad, his namesake, would want to buy his pole for him... because fishing was one of my dad's passions.

Boyd was pumped. For our adventure, we went back to Baldwin City, and started off at the lake.

The weather was a little worse, as the wind was consistently pounding us. In fact, it blew my makeshift tackle box -- a cardboard box filled with a mini-tackle box and some other tools -- into the lake. Frustrating.

I showed Boyd how to cast, not expecting much. And guess what? Little guy caught on right away! He loved casting and reeling in. He didn't want to leave the lake when it was time to go!

We came back to the lake and fished the opposite side, hopeful for a wind break. It was worse. We didn't catch a goddamn thing, but at least on the other side we had a few nibbles from some keder. At least some of the worms were consumed, partially.

Just imagine how much fun Boyd will have when an actual fish is on the other end of the pole???


The sweetest moment of the weekend was on Sunday when I walked by BJ's room. Again, the piggy bank was out.

"Son, what are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm getting money out so I can buy Mom and Grandma fishing poles," he said.


Adrianne has completed the backyard project, and it looks awesome. She will be joining us for this weekend adventure.

Hope she's used to not catching fish!


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gone fishin'

With my best friend.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

An adventure to remember

The kids throw rocks at Douglas State Lake in Baldwin on 1... 2... 3!
My mom came over to visit for a few days recently. Her visit coincided with our "new town adventure."

Me and the kids have been hanging out on Saturdays while Adrianne works on her backyard project (the backyard project needs a code name. Will discuss with Adro.) We've been mostly playing golf and then getting lunch. Two Saturdays ago I told Evey we'd take golf off for a week, and instead "go on an adventure to a new town." I told her we could find the local playground, see if they had any cool shops downtown, and then cap the visit off with a lunch at the local Mexican restaurant.

In my mind we'd be visiting Baldwin City, and indeed that's what we did.

But the cutest thing was when I saw Evey's wall calendar recently. On every Monday is written "WATCH SUPERGIRL." And in the notes section on the bottom of the month, it reads "On Saturday Dad is taking us on an adventure to a new town."

Clearly Evey was excited. So I was hopeful our trip wouldn't dissapoint.

And it did not. The agenda follows:

  • Me and Boyd get haircuts in downtown Lawrence
  • Library stop, me and kids get books
  • Drive to Baldwin City, both kids fall asleep en route
  • Go to Douglas State Lake and explore, skip rocks in water
  • Get shot down on comic book store that was there a year ago (the kids have a comic book they're looking for); comic book store went out of business, apparently
  • Find amazing playground equipment, play
  • Lunch at El Patron, which the kids loved, especially Evey
  • Venture back to a different part of the lake for a little more rock skipping
  • Short drive home
The kids want to do the same adventure this weekend and I think, weather permitting, we will... except this time I'll bring our fishing poles.

It was a great adventure, and I'm glad my mom was able to join us, it was fun having her there with us!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Welcome to the family Baby Vale!

The Jones Family is very excited to welcome a new cousin to the extended family! Vale Romero was born in the early morning hours of Sunday, to a lovely couple, Jason and Jackie Romero.

Evey went with her Grandma Judy and Grandma Virginia to Kansas City today to represent for the Jones Fam and say hello to this new bundle of joy.

We all look forward to meeting Vale in the near future. The Romero Thanksgiving is going to be a fun one this year, everyone is excited to see this little baby girl!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

Thanks to Judy for sending this photo to me. Love Boydee going with the Peter Parker/Spidey look for the Halloween parade at Montessori School. He looks so good, people need to see his face!

Great weather for Halloween last night, a cool, crisp night, perfect for walking up and down Eudora's streets.

I had Adrianne take photos of all of us in front of the house (me, the kids, plus Evey's friend Abby.) Evey and I were pirates, Boydee threw me under the bus and refused to don his pirate costume... stuck with Spidey for the trick or treating.


By the way, it was 70 degrees today, Nov. 1st. The kids and I went and played golf... I was in a T-shirt and shorts! Evey's swing looks great, plus she dropped a 30-foot putt today and was like, "Oh." I was like, "EVEY, BOOM!!!"

After the round Jeff asked Evey what her shot of the day was, and she could barely recall the putt. But we all had fun, and that's what matters most!


I'm sitting here nervously waiting for game 5 to start... could the Royals win the WORLD SERIES tonight? I'm nervous/excited. I don't claim to be a loyal Royals fan from back in the day, but they sure have been fun to watch, a likable, exciting group.


Adrianne has been working like crazy on the back yard. It's looking good! My contribution? I take the kids and play golf, or to lunch, so she can have quiet time, uninterrupted!

Pretty good deal, huh?

I may have just committed to some labor of my own, though... if we have a sitter one of these weekends. Yikes!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Monday, October 26, 2015

Golf Saturday

Fun weekend here. Busy, but good.

This weekend was the last soccer game for both kids (Boyd's team won big, Evey's team lost big.) More important, it also marked the first time that me and the kids went and played golf together. 

Boyd once again drove the bus. I talked Evey into joining us. We had a blast.

Boyd wasn't as focused with his Sissy around... but he still was pretty good. Meanwhile, Evey got her swing working, and even hit No. 8 green from the tee! I even have it on video! I'll post it soon.

Never a bad golf round that ends in chocolate cake, right? 

Boyd wanted to go back on Sunday, I had to tell him no -- he needed a little rest, plus it seems he might be getting sick...

But we'll be back soon!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy 9th anniversary, Adrianne!

This is what most couples do on their 9th wedding anniversary, right?

Take their 8-year-old to the dentist, the 4-year-old to Rick's to watch the ALCS, then meet up upon the conclusion of the dentists' appointment?

Because I think that sounds pretty amazing! HA!

We'll celebrate for real tomorrow night, OK babe?!? (And good news: we're still enjoying the new car we bought for each other as our anniversary gift!)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rest In Peace Snickers

Jones family dog, from Oct 2014 to Oct 2015. Approximately 10 yrs old.

You will be missed, nerd-dog.

Friday, October 16, 2015

A great student, a better friend

Adrianne and I have been pretty busy at work lately, which means we haven't had a whole lot of fun lately. It's run-run-run every day and night. Try to keep up with dinners, homework, laundry. Everyone's a little frazzled.

Everyone except for EVEY, who is in the midst of a 4-and-a-half-day weekend. Must be nice!

It's a break at school for parent/teacher conferences. We scheduled ours early, Wednesday at 3:30. Evey came with me and we headed over to visit with Mrs. Golay.

I was happy, first of all, to see that Evey is making straight As in 3rd grade. In her own self-assessment, she downgraded herself in science and math. Mrs. Golay said, "I don't know why she's put herself at red (downgraded), she's great at math."

We talked about the homework, and how sometimes I don't get what the math homework is trying to teach. (Sample question: If Jerry needs to add 25 plus 3, but before he adds 3, he adds 12… what does he need to do now? My answer: He needs to stop adding random-ass numbers to simple math problems.) But I get that we're tip-toeing into algebra… and algebra and sarcasm don't mix.

And frankly, algebra and me don't mix.

But Evey is doing great in school and the teacher really had no recommendations… Evey is at "Tier One" in all her subjects, she has no special assistance, just doing her thing and learning like a big girl.

And then Mrs. Golay told me something about Evey that really melted my heart… she asked me if I knew there was a special needs student in the class, I said yes. Mrs. Golay told me that Evey is helpful with this student, treats him as an equal and a friend. "She's a blessing to have in class," the teacher told me.

GULP! So proud of my girl. She could be making straight Cs and we'd work on it, right? But to hear that she's just a good kid, has a kind heart? So rewarding.

I've told her about a hundred times I'm proud of her. I also told her we'd have to celebrate the "straight As" soon. I get the impression that she thinks that she should be doing better. I'm fine with that.

I'm just so PROUD of her.

Birthday pic

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Boyd's golf swing, age 4

Here is a video of Boyd hitting golf balls at Twin Oaks over the weekend, meant to post it but couldn't do it from my phone...

And maybe you'd be interested in this column from my magazine, where I write about Boyd's first golf lesson...

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Highlight of the weekend

Boyd's interest in going golfing on Saturday... It was his idea!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Quatro Exitos

Happy birthday, Boyd!