Friday, June 23, 2017

Thank you very mulch

Sorry you must wait a little longer for the big launch of Project X!!!


That's a lotta mulch. This is the summer of mulch. Boyd and I got Mom (AKA Adro) a truckload this spring (oof) then me and Boyd got Judy a truck bed full twice. 

No more mulch for five days.


BTW we miss Grandma Judy. She's been in Omaha for a month!

(What's that? Not even a week yet? Whatever.)



Got two tix to see Queens of the Stone Age this fall. PUMPED! Surprised they're playing Crossroads, figured them for a bigger venue. 

Opener is ROYAL BLOOD which is really cool, too.

I've seen QOTSA only twice... back when "Songs for the Deaf" just came out, at Lollapalooza in KC. Back when Lolla still toured (2003?) And I saw them at Lollapalooza in Chicago a few summers ago... 2013. MUCH BETTER SET.


I read the blog back from 2010 last night. I was way funnier back then.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sweet cut!

II haven't posted much lately. Hmmmmm.


Check out Boyd's sweet summer cut! Looks sharp! 

Grandma Judy and Evey don't like it. 

It's fine by me and Boyd. But if they don't like it, we'll probably try to find a new look.

As long as none of them try to take him to get a perm...



How did my downstairs TV get set on the wrong screen ratio again?!? I was only gone five days!!! (And I think I watched it on the correct setting since I've been back! ...uh-oh.)



Uhm, a special announcement. Soon...

Maybe even tomorrow!

Soon... we will have a new original series debuting here at Especially Evey (and sometimes Boydee). 

Seriously. We have even signed a contract with an executive producer (Adro Jones), we have a sponsor (Progresso Soup) and we have talent (Evey and occasional special guest, The Bubster.)

So hopefully the new... whatever... debuts soon. And hopefully you're blown away.

But the good news is... if you hate it... it's OK, we really don't care.


Boyd stopped me in the hall today and said, "Dad! You have a bug bite!"

He grabbed my arm and twisted it. I looked down. And I saw a giant lump on the backside of my arm.

"Oh, SHIT!" I shouted. I pulled my arm away and looked closely.

Turns out I was tricked by the sight of his thumb pressed up on the back of my arm. There was nothing. 

For a second, I thought I had a nickel-sized lump on the back of my arm that I didn't even know about.

Boydee is good at pushing my buttons.


Grilled chicken tonight. Big ol' breasts. Took a while to get the internal temperature up to where it needed to be.

But once they were done?

Oh my damn, it was a FEAST over here. Even Boyd was devouring food.

Homemade refried beans, too.

Boyd is excited for the Fiesta this weekend because he can't wait to eat some more tamales. Uncle Rick dropped off some tamales at the house, turns out the kid can't eat enough of them.


Buzz Beach Ball looks pretty good. But so does Queens of the Stone Age with Royal Blood at the Crossroads. And so does Femmes and Bunnymen at Crossroads. And so does Riot Fest in Chicago.

So many good shows this summer/fall! Going to be tough to make a decision.

In case you're wondering, I'm doing the RUN the JEWELS sign with my hands right now. Because Adrianne loves it.

Runnin' jewels fast!


I learned so much about the next couple Avengers films, from a friend who got some insider access...

But I'm sworn to secrecy. Dang!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Today was a pretty good day

Yesterday wasn't the best day, there was a lot of frustration.

Today was better. Much better.


A book publisher called me to talk business, get to know me and ask for my help with some of his clients... we made plans to grab a drink together in NYC later this year...

While on that phone call, Mr. Tom Fazio called me and left a message, asking me to call him back. Fazio is arguably the greatest living golf architect today... I called him right back and caught him for a quick interview...

Then I checked, a European turfgrass magazine/website, and saw my byline/story batting lead-off on their site today. With 50,000 European members, that's not bad for Golfdom or for Seth A. Jones...

And then I wrapped the day up grilling some steaks that were... better than OK!!!


A moment only Copy Jesus will appreciate:

Adrianne and I were at the local (Eudora) grocery store together, probably the first time ever we were there together. We're going through the checkout line when the high school girl looks up and says, "I love your shirt!"

Adrianne pauses and says, "Mine?"

I thought that, of course... the girl was talking to her fellow woman, and not the dashing George Clooney looking fella standing next to her... but hearing Adrianne's self doubt made me realize, "maybe me?"

So I looked down at my own shirt and saw that I was wearing... a faded WHAT WOULD JACKO DO? shirt. And then I knew she was talking to me.

Except, OK, she probably wasn't. But that's a'ight. 

I still like my shirt!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Don't go outside (on Evey's watch)

Add captMTThe kids and I all got a little work
done at the dining room table today.
Great weekend for the Joneses!

Friday me and Adro hit the casino (didn't win anything again). Saturday morning I posted a bunch of my old toys on eBay wile Adro worked in the backyard. 

In the afternoon we all went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. Me and the kids had already seen it. Adro and Judy joined us this time and they both LOVED it. I was glad because I recommended it to them.

I think Adrianne was most impressed. She liked it top to bottom.

Saturday night we just hung out, enjoyed the weather. My sister and Marina stopped by for a brief visit. Then Adro convinced me to go to sleep early with her and Boydee. We were zonked out instantly.

Sunday was quiet. Adro and kids went to church, I went and picked up some mulch for Judy. A little bit of backyard wiffle ball with the kids, then naps for everyone.

I got up and dinked around the house... cut up all the fruit Adrianne bought from her grocery shopping trip. Then I cooked a Mexican buffet style dinner.

A short walk for the family, then a longer walk for just me and Adro concluded the evening. (And that lousy Game 2 of the NBA Finals.)


Took off work early to take Evey to see Wonder Woman on Friday.

While it was great hanging with Evey, neither of us enjoyed the movie much. I'm surprised by all the positive reviews it's getting... it was barely mediocre in my book. Oh well, glad others are enjoying it.


For the first time ever, we left Evey in charge and asked her to watch Boyd for us while me and Adro went on a walk.

I know this made Evey nervous but we knew it would be fine... we walked  a little longer route than normal, just because it was nice outside. We walked until a little past dusk. 

When we walked up to the house, Boyd was looking out the window and gave us a big smile and wave. Evey, however, was not too happy.

She asked me "what happened?" and "what did you do?" I told her, "we went for a walk."

Apparently our walk was too long so Evey assumed we had been kidnapped. When Boyd spotted us, Evey had Adrianne's phone in hand and was about to call... Grandma.

We asked how this would help at all... Grandma was probably asleep anyway. And what would Evey say? "Grandma, Mom and Dad went for a walk... and they've been gone for FIFTEEN MINUTES!!!"

Adrianne asked a good question: Why not just call Dad's cell phone? 


Well, we all survived. We'll see if Evey gets less nervous next time.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Cisco Kid


I'm still bummed about Chris Cornell, just so you know.


I'm bummed about Tiger too.


But hey, it's someone's BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!


He drink whiskey, Poncho drink the wine.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Boyd & Papi

Here's a pic of Boydee and his grandpa, Alan. Alan had a quarter hidden in one hand, I think. He did the same thing to me, except with a shot of tequila. And it was in both hands.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Back from the beach

The Joneses spent the last nine days in Texas. Nice vacation! Most of it was spent in South Padre Island.

...and yet it's great to be home! Kids are happy to be home too.

Yes, we ate What-A-Burger about seven times in nine days. Even Boyd told me tonight, "Dad I don't want you to grill because we ate so much What-A-Burger while we were gone..."

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Playing with Jett's Spidey toys

Jett gave his cousin a buncha Spider-Man toys... And yes they have been getting a lot of action!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

That's my boy!

Man, that's a good lookin' kid! (As well as a beautiful & awesome Grandma!)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Made in the shade

So the kids, in this pic, are enjoying the new mid-day shade we've got at Casa de Jones

Adro bought all new patio furniture, replete with a big ass umbrella, recently. I learned about this purchase about a day before the box — about the size of Judy's car — arrived at the house.

It's a good purchase. No idea how much it cost, and that's fine with me. (I let Adro worry about the money. I just worry about the assembly.)

So my Sunday was spent assembling this new couch set. Not that big a deal. It took about 2.5 hours to assemble the furniture, and probably the same to assemble and troubleshoot the umbrella (it required 200 pounds to keep it anchored, and I'm guessing a Kansas wind, plus it being on the upper deck... probably need more like 300 pounds. Tried to accommodate, but I'm nervous.) Got sunburnt doing it. 

But then we had this magical lunch under the umbrella. Adrianne got this sandwich bread — wheat bolleo, or somesuch? SO GOOD! She whipped up these sandwiches, we all ate under the umbrella, on the new furniture... I told Adrianne it might have been among the top three sandwiches I've ever had IN MY LIFE... and afterwards, I just chilled there for a little while, exhausted from travel, work, etc. It felt good. 

I hope to do that more in the near future. Now that I'm 40, and the kids are more mature (OK, Evey has been mature for 8 years), maybe I can start to chill out under this umbrella on weekends, with a good book....


Top three sandwiches, huh? Do I know the other two? Well, let's consider...

Top three sandwiches consumed by Seth Jones, in his first 40 years, no order:

Quinton's, late 90s/early 2000s, ham and cheese on wheat, grilled, plain potato chips and a side of barbecue

Back deck, 2017, under the umbrella, made by Adro on some wheat "bolleo(?)" hogie bun. Ham, Tillamook cheese, lettuce, vine tomatoes, light mayo and mustard, with chee-tohs

Citi Field, Mets game, 2013 or 2014, steak sandwich from center field. Steak, steak sauce, grilled onions, Monterey jack cheese and a tall Miller Lite. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Evey's fresh haircut

Check out my sweet princess! Went and got a trim on Saturday with her mom, and now mom's been curling her hair each morning!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Look who's 40!

It was a great birthday party at Rick's! Thanks to everyone who came! I remember very little of it, but I know everyone got home safely... so that's a success in my book!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

40 years of dubious Seth Jones moments

Today marks 40 years that Seth Jones has walked the earth. Sure, there have been good moments... maybe even great moments, depending on whom you ask... but let's be honest. There have been some amazingly cringe-worthy moments along the way. Let's revisit them, with...

Dubious moments of Seth Aaron Jones!

... Broke his arm in an 8th grade basketball game... during pregame warm-ups...
... Left his high school prom date behind so he could play in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament...
... Broke his leg skiing on New Year's Day 2000, then made his sister pass out while she was holding his cast to set...
... Bent a Camaro in half by hydroplaning down the Kansas Turnpike and spinning into the median at 85 miles per hour. Got knocked out, woke up to the sparks and thought, "Am I on fire?"
... Once convinced three friends it was a good idea to scale the outfield wall at Wrigley Field and run the bases at 3 a.m., resulting in all four of them getting arrested... and in the chipped front left tooth he has to this day (Thanks, Cook County Police)...
... Once called 911 to report a fire, then tried to help the arsonist as he watched his car burn at Charlie's East Side...
... Helped Samuel L. Jackson score the role of "Nick Fury" in the Avengers movies, without making a single dime for himself...
... Stopped his '64 Impala by dragging his left foot down a dirt alley after the brakes went out...
... Drove to Perry Lake with a camcorder because he was sure the fireworks he was seeing were UFOs in formation...
... Angered Phil Mickelson so much in Palm Desert that Mickelson felt compelled to call him a "stupid mother f*cker" in front of a gallery of fans...
... Had to walk from downtown Lincoln, Neb., to the Lincoln airport following the Pixies concert, because Lincoln didn't have taxis... 
... Passed himself off as a professional golfer to get himself into a sold-out Violent Femmes concert in Pittsburgh...
... Once hired a Hooters waitress to interview John Daly... and it worked...
... Once went 0-24 from the three-point line in Sunday pick-up hoops, but still got pissed when one of the young guys didn't pass him the ball for an open look...
... Thought it'd be cool to co-pilot a plane from Augusta, Ga., to Cleveland after a long day of drinking at the Masters... 
... Once interviewed the cast of the Walking Dead, despite having never watched the Walking Dead...
... Demanded his LASIK surgeon give him an extra valium tab because he's "6'3", 210 pounds, not some lightweight....!"