Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Incredibles II week!

We are so excited to be heading out to see the Incredibles II this weekend! We bought about 100 movie-themed juice boxes to celebrate.

Somehow Dad's cold Dos Equis amber snuck into this photo too...

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sheer terror!

Well, that's the look I was going for, at least...

Silly photo taken at Shawnee Mission Park, a few weekends ago.

Writing from the Irish Pub at Chicago Midway. I've been in central PA the last three days at a work meeting/retreat. Pretty good stuff. Company is doing great. My presentation was a home run, got a lot of compliments.

Hard to believe tomorrow is June 1. This year is going by fast.

Heading to Mulvane this weekend to celebrate Mike's 40th. When my kid brother turns 40, I guess that means I've gotten old. I'm taking him to one of the finest golf courses in America to celebrate... I think that's a fitting way to toast my best friend since 2nd grade.

I'll stop by Mom and Dad's graves to put some flowers out. First visit there in a while. I won't drive by our old house, no way.

I need to get a golf lesson in, FAST.

Also: if the Cavs win Gm 1 tonight, the boss is closing the office tomorrow.


Monday, May 28, 2018

Happy Memorial Day 2018!

Evey, Ava and Bella (I think Bella?) rocking the chalk art!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The leading scorer for the Blue Blazers!

Allow me to introduce to you the LEADNG SCORER for the K/Pre-K Blue Blazers...



OK, maybe I should qualify. The team went 0-6-1. So, being the leading scorer on a losing team is, well... 

He was the leading scorer, still, right???


OK. Fine. Full disclosure.

He had one goal. We scored three goals all season.

STILL! It was a good goal, and the first goal of the season. It was a corner-pocket rocket. 

We scored three goals all season, and Boyd scored the first. So he tied, three ways, for leading goal scorer.



Our team was crap this year. Not gonna lie.

I thought the team looked good early on. We had a couple big kids, we looked fast.

Then league play started. 

Oh, my, damn.

We got rolled in the first game. Second game too. We got rained out a lot. Those were our best games.

We scrimmaged a team mid-season and destroyed them. 

It was a scrimmage.

The best we did was a 1-1 tie. And we had three penalty kicks in that game. 

Regretfully, I gave the first PK to a kid who was "playing hard" and didn't give it to Boyd, even though he had the strongest leg on the team. Didn't want to show favoritism. 

I told Adrianne at halftime... if we got another PK, Boyd, "the Rifleman" in my book, was taking it. She didn't say anything. (We're both really sensitive to other players' feelings.)

Sure enough we got another PK. HERE WE GO, I thought. I lined Boyd up, told him to get it done.

He missed the sweet spot of the ball and the goalie made a save she couldn't help but to make... by standing still.

We got another PK. Gave it to the girl who drew it, who was a really good player last season.

She missed it wide. A sophomore slump all season. Thankfully, there was no drug testing in our league.

I don't know. That's possible, right? Flintstone Vitamin Downers?


S'all good. Season is over. I look forward to the next season. Boyd shows some promise, even though he's a little tentative. Definitely the strongest kid on this year's team.

My Evey Jones? She'll attend 6th grade next season. 

It occurs to me that... if she asked me to coach soccer, volleyball, whatever... I probably can't... because she's middle school now.

That's kinda sad for me. Maybe it'll make me appreciate the Saturday shellackings better.

But Evey is a 4.0 student. Creative, artistic, studious. 

It's all good if she doesn't need Coach Dad.

I'll be Cheerleader Dad.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The weekend that was, May 18-20

The Joneses take in a paddleboat ride at Shawnee Mission Park.
We had a great weekend here, hope you did too!

I arrived Friday night after a few days in Minneapolis. Hustled home from the airport and picked up the family at 7 p.m. and we ran out the door for CHINESE BUFFET! Boyd wanted it to celebrate the end of kindergarten, but now they're closed on Tuesdays so we missed them last time (this is like the opposite of Taco Tuesday... No-Chinese-Buffet-For-You-Tuesdays.)

It was amazing and we stuffed ourselves, because yeah, BUFFET!

I was pretty wiped out on Friday so as soon as I got home, I got cleaned up, watched the two-episode Modern Family wedding episodes and then zonked out.

Saturday morning the kids, Adro and Judy got up at 3 a.m. for some reason... oh yeah, the Royal Wedding of Harry and Megan. Turns out the festivities didn't start until 5 a.m., so everyone just kinda fell asleep in the living room waiting.

I got up at a normal time and whipped out a bad-ass breakfast (eggs over-medium, breakfast potatoes and bacon with toast.) Then we headed out to Christopher Lipford's graduation party at Shawnee Mission park.

I've never been to that park. Turns out it's awesome! They even had paddle boats for $10/half hour, so we jumped in one and paddled all the way across the lake. 

This was amazing... when we first walked out to the dock we saw a sick fish swimming sideways in the marina. Then we went to the car to get cash... on the walk back to the dock, 500 yards away, we saw a blue heron.

Adrianne says, "that fish needs to get better fast or that blue heron is going to get him!"

(You know where this is going, right?)

Then we're halfway across the lake and really close to said sick fish. It's like we alerted the blue heron to its presence. And he took off, and we're all like, "UH-OH!" and instead of a straight line, it made like a J-turn and NAILED the fish right in front of us. We all screamed/cheered at the horrific/fantastic sight. 

It really was pretty neat, how many times do you see that so close? Adrianne actually voted this her favorite moment of the weekend.

Then we came home and relaxed in the garage... got a few games of Uno going. I didn't win any. Oh, I also worked for a little bit, wrote Golfdom Gallery because we were going to press Monday morning. And we watched the storm blow through... a big shower, with a little hail. We all watched with the garage door open. This might have been my favorite moment of the weekend.

Sunday, the family went to church. It was perfect out, so I took the dog for a walk. Then I came home and wrote my column for the new issue (an essay on a longtime superintendent who will be retiring at the end of June... perfect for the June issue, eh?) I wrapped the column just in time for the family to come home, then we all went to Kash's birthday out at this beautiful home with two private ponds in Eudora.

It was raining but we still went out and fished. Boyd caught maybe 10, 12 fish. A couple big bluegill! I took photos and will share them later.

After Kash's b-day it was Virginia's b-day at Paisano's. Yup, I ate again. The Marco Polo, chicken fettucini alfredo with vegetables. Excellent!

And then Evey got sick at the table (she felt like she might throw up.) Ten minutes later, I got sick at the table (my stomach felt like it would EXPLODE.) We hustled home.

I got violently ill, then took a long shower, said a prayer to the stomach pain gods, then got my laptop and proofread copy until I fell asleep.

It was an awesome weekend, even with the rough ending. Let's do it again next weekend! (Minus the explosions.)

Friday, May 18, 2018

School’s out for summer!

That's a wrap on the 2017-2018 academic school year. It went by so fast!

Photo is Evey accepting her 5th grade certificate from her teacher, Mr. Stadalman.

Boyd will be a 1st grader and Evey enters 6th grade and middle school! Holy cow! I must be getting old.

Lervik asked me if I felt like I had a 6th grader... I said no, I feel like I have a 10th grader!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Cousin Melissa visits

Hello blog! How have you been? Lonely, I'm sure.


Been on the road a ton lately. That's why I haven't been posting. I'm down an editor and I'm on the road every week. In the last three weeks I've been in D.C., Cincy and Philly. And I've got more cooking. I added a day trip to St. Louis today, and I've got Minneapolis on the horizon. 

It's all good, though. I knew busy times were coming, and we were kinda prepared. I shut down travel earlier this year while Judy was on the road, and now it's payback time, baby.

But vacation isn't too far away, either.


Photo is from a recent visit by Cousin Melissa. A pleasant surprise, always good to see Cousin.


The Cincy trip was for the annual TOCA awards ceremony.

How did it go? Well, it was a little bit of a butt-kicking. Only 7 awards. Last year we won almost twice that.

Ouch! But hey... it had to happen eventually.

Looking forward to comeback time, baby!


Boyd got a new bike this weekend. I would have taken a photo but I was too busy clutching him by the armpits to keep him from falling.

Yes, he's trying to learn to ride. I think Evey was older when I taught her (remind me to check the blog to confirm), but Boyd is excited to learn. So I thought we'd give it a try.

Next time we go out we're leaving Sis at home, because Boyd was too easily distracted by Evey riding her bike. Apparently BJ doesn't realize the danger involved in wrecking a bike... Hopefully he learns the not-too-painful way.


Only three more days of school left.

What, huh?

(Seriously, the kids get out about two weeks sooner than the Johnson kids do!!!)

Friday, April 27, 2018

Recent photos from my phone

Craig and I in front of the U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C. 
Evey, Boydee and Marina enjoying some of my birthday fried ice cream
at Salty Iguana at Olathe. Sorry to catch y'all with your moths full!

Did you know Evey plays guitar? Here she is in the 5th grade
musical program strumming along!

Sunday, April 15, 2018


Stay-home snowy April weekend

We talked about it Friday night. Boyd really wanted to have a movie night. Me and Sis wanted to work on eBay.

We negotiated. We would have a "stay home" weekend and not go to the movies (I was going to take BJ to see Rampage) and instead have a movie night at the house.

It turned out to be a really fun weekend!


Our soccer team got smoked again, 3-0. It was frustrating. At least Boyd managed a shut-out as goalie in the fourth quarter.

We're going to change our tactics this Saturday. Keep a kid back home on defense at all times. Maybe that will help.

It was cold out for the game, maybe 34 degrees. Miserable.


We rented two movies: Coco and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Coco was really good! We had already seen Spider-Man, except for Mom... so it was a movie weekend downstairs.


Evey posted some more stuff on eBay for me, while I worked on reorganizing my comics in the garage. We also listened to Radiohead, Soundgarden and Interpol.

This was my favorite part of the weekend. Evey is fun to hang out with.


Made enchiladas today. Been a while. They turned out solid, too! I made some chicken enchiladas (as well as cheese, of course) -- I think Evey kinda liked 'em!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Hit the hyperdrive!

It was a short weekend for me, but a good one.

I got home Thursday night after a few days at the Masters. I was exhausted. Then, on Friday I had to pay the piper and get all my Masters stories turned in for a noon enewsletter.

I gave myself a deadline of 11 a.m. and almost made it. Didn't matter as there were some ads missing, a few glitches in the code (stuff that qualifies as Not My Job) so it didn't go out until 3:30 or 4 that afternoon... but STILL! I was happy with it, almost proud. No hard-hitting journalism, but a nice collection of photos, people pics and a story or two. You can check them out under the blog section of Golfdom.com.


So Friday I was just beat. We cancelled soccer practice because it was supposed to snow (it didn't, but the temperature dropped to mid-20s.) So we ordered a pizza and had an upstairs movie night with the fireplace on.

We watched Captain America: Winter Soldier, and guess what? Adrianne liked it!

Then I zonked out.


Saturday the soccer game was cancelled (weather) but team photos were not... so we got dressed up in our team jerseys and went to the rec center.

It was cute, most of the kids actually put on their cleats and stuff. I just had Boyd put on jeans and his sneakers. We were done in 10 minutes.

From there Boyd and I went to AMC Studio 28, where we watched Pacific Rim 2. I promised him a long time ago that we'd go, I managed to make good before the movie left theaters (I guess it's doing OK at the box office.)

We got there early so I put a $5 in the dual car racing game... Boyd beat me three out of four games! Ouch!

The movie was in one of the "dine in" theaters. Boyd got a cheeseburger and fries, I got the bacon-chicken macaroni and cheese.

We ate like kings! At first Boyd wasn't digging the burger, but he liked my mac and cheese, so he ate that. I nibbled on his burger while it was hot. Then we traded. Boyd is a slow eater, and this is the right setting for him. It took him about an hour, but he finally ate all his food. Success!

This movie with my buddy reminded me of the time I took Evey to see Lego Movie in the same theater, and we ordered this giant brownie. Me and Evey still talk about it. It was the only memorable thing about Lego Movie!

I wonder if Pacific Rim 2 will have the same feeling?


The photos are from the theater, we still had a little time to kill before the movie started so we posed with the "Solo" display. I told Boyd to "look tough." So this is us looking tough.


The girls were home relaxing (Adro working on laundry) and they watched Pride and Prejudice or something else girly. I think everyone was happy.

I finished Saturday off by running some of Boyd's too-small clothes over for Barrett, then a quick stop at Rick's, then a stop at Jim Shan to get Chinese take-out for dinner. SO GOOD! I couldn't cook Saturday night because I had to get ready...

1) for a new couch


2) for another trip.


My weekend ended Saturday night as Sunday I got up at 4 a.m. to catch an early flight to Long Island, N.Y. I'm writing from there right now. It's been a long day. But I got to see somewhere I've never seen before.

Course visit tomorrow morning, then home tomorrow night. Then I don't travel again for 9 days! And Judy will be back from San Fran by then.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter, people of earth!

I hope your Easter was as good as ours!

This was for sure the quietest Easter we've ever had... Sis and the kids went to Wichita, Judy is in San Fran... so it was just me and Adrianne and the kids here at the house all day...

Two of us were sleeping off a KU/Villanova hangover. But I digress.

It was such a chill day. The weather added to the day — sleet, then mini-snow balls, then snow. Weird weather day for April 1!

And yes... I grilled in the snow. Praise Jesus!


Did you see the story that two different pilots saw the same UFO in Arizona? Within minutes of each other?

The truth is out there.


They're showing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory back-to-back on TBS. That's unfair to Johnny Depp.


KU got housed on Saturday night, by 'Nova. The Wildcats set a Final Four record of most 3s made in a single game.

But hey... it was a great season. So proud of my Jayhawks. Big 12 regular season and conference tournament champs... Final Four...

My dad would have enjoyed this KU season. He'd be wearing a 2018 Final Four hat right now, guaranteed.


Is it raining, is it snowing... is a hurricane a blow-ing...?


Grilled burgers and dogs today. "Freshened up" a T-bone steak. Then I got inspired and threw a slab of ribs on the old Weber.

We'll see. It's fun to burn meat over fire.

The caveman instinct in me remains impressed by the ability to master fire.


Read Thanos Quest today. It was surprisingly good.

It goes on eBay in a few weeks.


Adieu, adieu, adieu...

Parting is such sweet sorrow.