Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bubba and Momma

Boydee has a sleek haircut now -- need to post a photo, I know -- so he really looks different from this pic, taken a week before Christmas.

Evey had her 6-year "well visit" today. Scored in the 50th percentile in weight, the 95th percentile in height. She's already 4'1"! She's a four-footer! She's a giant! The doc even asked me if I've got her playing basketball yet!

Evey also got hit with a painful flu shot today. Don't think I've ever seen her have such a painful reaction to a shot. Poor girl. Screamed and cried. Didn't stop crying for a while. In fact, that might be the first time I've ever seen her cry from a shot. It was rough.

B.A. (Boyd Atticus) is 15 months old now. He'll stand straight up and just kind of hover there for a second, then fall to his butt. Maybe we need to get more intense on training this guy how to walk? But ALL THE OTHER KIDS are doing it (at daycare). Hmm, maybe it's an early sign that B.A. won't succumb easily to peer pressure. You know, they did call me "Safe Seth" when I was a kid...

Ripped the ass out of my jeans today. My wife, eyewitness to the ripping and immediately coming to my defense, told me not to worry about it, because I have "no butt." I'm not nervous about it, really, because those jeans were looking pretty ragged. But my weight loss goal for 2013 (19.5 pounds) is off to a bad start, especially with that double-cheeseburger and fries at Freddy's today. And that was ordered AFTER I had already ripped the ass out of my pants.

Speaking of ripped ass, my two kids were beat-boxing with their butts tonight. Those are some gassy kids. And it's like they do call-backs to each other. One toots, the other responds. "Who's house?" "Run's house!"

Evey told me tonight that her cardboard castle that Santa got her for Christmas should be called the "Toot Castle." I told her that I was fine with that, but let's not make it the Poop Castle. Sheesh.

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Commodore Lerve said...

Always enjoy the updates, great seeing you and the family over the holidays. Send me a few photos from my visit when you have a chance!