Friday, August 4, 2017

An update from Evey

Hi it's Evey. Right now we are on our vacation in San Fransisco staying with uncle Rick. We just updated  Talkin' Tracks episode 5 with Gwen Stefani and Dire Straits. Check it out!

Episode 6 is coming soon.

My dad just asked me questions about Talkin' Tracks that I will answer.

1. What is my favorite episode of Talkin' Tracks: I like Talkin' Tracks episode 3 because right after we jumped in the pool and cooled down.

2. What could make Talkin' Tracks better: Better locations that are really cool.

3. What would we do next year that is not Talkin' Tracks: A comic book series where we talk about the superhero movies, comics and superheros.

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