Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Me and Adrianne celebrated six years of marriage this past weekend. My, how time flies! I love you Adro, these last six years have been the best years of my life! How cool is it that we have a beautiful 5-year-old, the very cool Spidey-hat wearing 1-year-old above, a nice house in Eudora, own our three cars (as of one day now!) and a cold beer is always available on tap?

Now if I can just get the grass to grow in the front yard... Give me six more years on that one?


Boydee got sick last week, which included a rash over most of his body. But he handled it well, and aside from trouble sleeping, he really didn't fuss much.

Boydee is finally eating all sorts of real food now. He still dabbles in baby food, but he enjoys quesadillas, toast, Elvira's soup, cheese, beans, you name it.

He hollers and cries when I yell at him. He knows when he's doing something wrong, and he doesn't like it when I call him out on it. He wants to play with the cabinet we have in the living room, and I'm just waiting for him to smash a finger on it (don't worry, I'm blocking it with Evey's Spider-Man chair for now.) But I'll yell, "Boydee, NO!" and he'll shout and cry until he gets distracted by the next thing.

I told him the other day, while Evey was around, that he can't just get anything he wants. He's not entitled to play with everything in our house.

Evey looked at him and said, "Yeah, Bubba, you can't have everything you want! Only I can."


We played a tough team on Saturday in our K and Pre-K soccer league. It was the same team we played the first game of the season, and they stomped us then. I'm told by a fellow coach that this team practices twice a week (we're only asked to hold one practice a week) and that their coach obviously takes it very seriously. It shows in the way his team plays -- they're further along then any other team in the league for sure, so hat's off to these kids for that.

I wasn't looking forward to the game, but my kids played admirably, and we made a little bit of a game out of it.

I had one of my worst players start the game in goal (she was the first to volunteer, so what the heck.) The other team caught a break-away, and they also caught my goalie taking a break away from the game -- she was lollygagging about 20 feet away from the goal, just kicking at the dirt, looking for bugs or something. So they scored an empty-netter. That barely counts in my book...

We switch goalies every quarter, to try to get as many kids a chance to play goalie as possible. We put my best player in goal, and he let an OK shot slip by him. Halftime.

Third quarter, we dominate possession of the ball and the other team doesn't get a shot off.

Fourth quarter, Evey volunteers to be goalie, so I let her take over.

This team started bringing the heat. Shot after shot. I think maybe four or five shots were on goal, and Evey blocked or stopped each one! One of them even came in hot, and she stayed in front of it and blocked it with her shins.

As coach, I get to be on the field with the kids. I was having fun watching her play goalie. She denied those little kids for the entire quarter! It was awesome!

We had our last practice today, and one of the moms even congratulated Evey on the way she played goalie last game.

Nice job, EVEY!


After practice today, Evey came out of her room with a little circular piece of paper with a tiger on it. It reads:


Thanks, Evey! You're the best goalie on the Green Dragons!

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